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10 videogames’ schools to transform the passion into qualified work

videogames' schools

The working world changes and evolves together with the technology and the digitalisation of the whole world. That’s how the one that once was a small inner circle of videogamers expaneded, becoming a trend and getting into the collective culture. Right to keep up with the world that changes, all over the world are borning many videogames’ schools, fields of study, professional courses, university facilties, due to transform the one that firstly was just a passion for the videogames into a qualified and well paid job.

So the really skilled videogamers now will be able to live with their best. Here you have 10 italian videogames’ schools that decided to transform the gaming in work.

Italian Videogames Academy

The AIV (Italian Videogames Academy) is between the really first professional schools about videogames. The school was born in the 2004 and its real core is enclosed in the two-year course of Game Design.

videogames' schools
Courses of Videogame Graphic

By the way the courses in which moves into the videogames’ world at the AIV are many, from the game development to the course of graphic for videogames, until the art director.

Digital Bros Game Academy

It’s one of the most famous schools in Italy about videogame, with its headquarter in Milan, it’s owned by the group Digital Bros Spa. Its courses are all twelve months long and they are divided into Game Design, Game Programmer and Artist & Animation. The school claims to have the 80% of students brilliantly placed in the world of the videogames’ work.

Event Horizon

Event Horizon was born in the 2013 in Turin, but in few years it had an important success which brought to the opening of many other branches all over Italy. The school is focused in the digital arts in the videogames’ world and its courses talk about Game Development, Motion Graphic, Digital Comics, etc.


Studying at the BigRock, immersed in the green of Treviso’s countryside, between studies, trips, experiences, games, is a unique experience. The school gives courses in Computer Graphic, Concept Art and Virtual Reality, to enter in the world of the art 2.0 of movies and videogames.

videogames' schools

“To this day the 99% of the movies released in the cinemas, serie tv, videogames, has the name of at least one BigRocker in the end credits. It’s our business card, our proud, the lighthouse that gives us everyday a direction”.


Let’s enter now in the university world where the last frontier is the “degree in videogame”, or at least in what’s around them.

The Digital University Institute of Animation and Videogames, in Pozzuoli, proposes a three-year degree where we’ll look into subjects like Programming, Game Design, 3D Graphic, 2D Animation, Screenplay, etc.

Furthermore, in the three years of study there will be professional internings toward Artematica Entertainment, ActionAid, Animundi Cartoon Studio, Another Reality, etc.


The famous private university of Milan inserted between its courses a Master in Game Design. The master directed by Matteo Bittanti and coordinated by Pietro Righi Riva, is made in english and includes a travel in San Francisco, to present the realised games to the Game Development Conference.

University of studies of Milan

Even the pubblic university reality of Milan set off since the 2014 some courses about videogames: Online Game Design and Informatic for Game Designer and Game Programmer.

Polimi Game Collective

It was born inside the Master in Engineering of Computer System of the Polytechnic of Milan, the Polimi Game Collective, is a group of teachers and students that gave life to the course of  Videogame Design and Programming and that every year presents the videogames created by them.

University of Verona

The course of Videogame Design and Programming of the university of Verona is the first master in videogame, it was born in the 2009 and it’s aimed to the graduated in informatic and engineering.

Vigamus Academy

Finally, the Vigamus Academy of Rome, organises three-years courses and masters focused in the videogames’ world. The courses have laboratories and internings toward Koch Media, Bandai Namco, Crytek and Quantic Dream.

There will be to study and it won’t be enough to be a champion in the videogames to come out as a winner from the professional courses and the master degrees, but with a bit of effort everyone can transform his own passion in work.

videogames' schools
Vigamus Academy – Campus Party

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