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Spacial playlist: the songs that will go on the Moon

The playlist for the Moon

The NASA is going to send the next human being on the Moon and this time everything must be perfect, even the playlist to bring on with them. And if you could go up there, travel through all of this sky and set a foot on the Moon, then turn back and look the incredible breathtaking beauty of the Earth from the space, which song would you like to listen in that moment?

The perfect playlist

#NASAMoonTunes the NASA launches the call for all its followers on the main social pages both of the Johnson Space Center della NASA and the Third Rock Radio, the radio station of the NASA.

Everyone can support the initiative by sending one or more songs on the pages twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #NASAMoonTunes, or by filling the form on the web sites of the NASA and the Third Radio Rock.

But the call is almost finished. It’s missed only few days to send your favourite song on the Moon, the initiative will finish the 28th of June.

The playlist for the Moon
Which song would you like to listen on the Moon?

Music has been interwoven throughout spaceflight history, from pre-launch songs to shuttle wake-up calls to crewmembers playing instruments on the International Space Station. As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, we’re also preparing to go back to the Moon by 2024, which means astronauts will have a non-stop journey of approximately 3 days each way – the ultimate long-distance travel.

Just like any road trip needs a soundtrack, so does a spaceflight! If you were making the journey, what favorite song would you be sure to include on your playlist?”.

A special anniversary

The dates chosen aren’t random. The call launched to all the followers started the 3rd of June and will finish the  next 28th of June. The same period when, fifty years ago, the astronauts of the Apollo 11 were doing the final plans for the departure.

The Playlist chosen, therefore, will be aired with a direct live show from the Third Radio Rock of the NASA the 13rd and 14th of July. Few days before the anniversary of the launch of the Apollo 11.

The playlist for the Moon
Allunaggio Apollo 11

Everyone will be able to listen the definitive version, broadcast, even on the International Space Station. The songs chosen will accompany the astronauts chosen for the next lunar landing during the three days of travel that separate them from the satellite. While preparing to set foot there where just a bunch of people were before.

The rules

Obviusly not all the songs proposed will be chosen and to let that our will be between the ones that will go on the Moon, we have to follow some easy rules.

  • The title and the text must not contain explicit and improper speech. Let’s remember NASA is for everyone!
  • The songs will be accepted only if, at the moment of the acceptance playlist, they will be on the official streaming services.
  • The texts will be valid only if sent through the official channels through the hashtag #NASAMoonTunes on the pages Twitter and Facebook or through the module on the web site.
  • There isn’t any certainty and any obligation by the NASA or the Third Rock Radio that all the songs sent will be chosen. There will, obviusly, be a selection, made by the radio station of the space company. They will have the possibility to choose the songs that they believe more appropriate. If you want to know if yours has been chosen you will just have to follow the direct of the 13rd and 14th of July.

The music accompanies the human beings for thousands of years, every big travel had its soundtrack. Every historical moment will be remembered through the notes of that moment. Do you know why we remember so well the texts of the songs? Because we link them to the feeling of that moments. The moments that will live the astronauts during that days and with them the whole humanity will remain forever indelible like the texts of this playlist.


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