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10 crazy things launched in the space

10 crazy things launched in the space

It’s been more than 60 years since the beginning of the space exploration. 60 years during which, in the attempt to get much more close to the cosmos, we left behind us a wake of objects. Objects that go around in the space and that will go around for thousand years. We really launched everything in the space, not only probes, satellites, animals and people.

First launches in the space

Everything started the 4th October of the 1957 with the launch of the first satellite, the Sputnik. In the 1961, it was, instead, the time of the first living beings: firstly the dog Laika and than the sovietic astronaut Yuri Gagarin.

Since there we didn’t stop ourselves anymore, with the increasing hunger for knowledge and with the innate explorer soul of the human being. But in all of this time which were the craziest things launched in the space?


The 16th December of the 1965 onboard of Gemini 6 the notes of Jingle Bells played. It was the first christmas song to be played in the space. But it wasn’t the only one. Between the many songs sent in the space there is Across the Universe, of the Beatles, with a message signed by Paul McCartney: “Send my love to the aliens. All the best, Paul”.

A car in the space

The 6th February of the 2018 Elon Musk launched a Tesla Roadster in the space with a Falcon Heavy. They were his car and his rocket, and it’s all considered a little bit an ad campaign and a little bit a way to say he can do everything, even launching a car in the space.

10 crazy things launched in the space
The tesla Roadster launched in the space together with the mannequine Starman


Many launched in the space some legos. It’s almost became a challenge the one of the spacial legos. To walk into the cosmos there are the lego’s figures of Galileo and of the roman gods Giunone and Giove. There are legos’ figure onboard of the ISS but even on the probe Juno. Finally, even two canadian teenagers attempted the challenge, by launching a lego figure with the flag of Canada in hand up to 27 thousand meters, by using a ball filled with helium.

10 crazy things launched in the space
Galileo Galilei, Giove and Giunone toward Jupiter, onboard of the probe Juno

By the way the legos aren’t the only space toys. Together with them there are many others, but maybe the most appropriate is a Buzz Lightyear.


To be launched in the space it was even, nothing less, than the lightsaber of Luke Skywalker, nothing of more appropriate.

Human remains

There were many people that to the space and in the space dedicated his whole life and it’s there that they would like to come back even in the afterlife. For this reason part of the cremains of the astrophysics Krafft Ehricke were launched toward the infinte, but he is not alone. With him there are even the remains of Clyde Tombaugh, the scientists that discovered Pluton, the cremains of Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek, but even the voice of Stephen Hawking.

Diagrams of the human body

Who knows why we feel the need to let the aliens know how we are made. To be launched in the space were the black and white diagram of the sexual organs of the human being, the radio of a hand and the full colour diagram of the structure of our DNA.


The gluttony is the weakness of the human beings. It might be this the reason because of many tried to launch in the space many kinds of food, like a sicilian cannolo, that, thanks to three guys from Enna, reached the 30 thousand meters. Or a pizza from Pizza Hut, delivered to the cosmonaut Yuri Usachov in the 2000, becoming the first company to make space deliveries.

10 crazy things launched in the space
The launch of a sicilian cannolo in the space

Sounds in the space

Inexplicably in the space have been launched the records of the most insane sounds, like the one of a tractor, the laugh of a hyena or a steam train.

Tribute to fly

If the humans didn’t “learn to fly” it would exist the space exploration neither. For this reason many tributes were launched in the space, like the scarf and the watch of Amelia Earhart or a piece of the really first airplace that, in the 1909, was able to fly, thanks to the brothers Wright.

10 crazy things launched in the space
Amelia Earhart

Movie in the space

Finally, it seems that according to someone, the aliens will apprecciate us much more by admiring our cinematographic culture. But are we sure that the best movie to send were Ultimatum to Earth?

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