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What’s the Starman and its Tesla destiny during the trip in the space

Is it a bird? Is it an airplane? No, it’s Starman!

Elon Musk, businessman and inventor, is now an undisputed leader that is towing the whole humanity through a bright and renewable future, with the intention to change the world and the humanity, by combating climate changes and pollution. Therefor, the policy of its companies Solarcity, Tesla and SpaceX revolves around those ideas. It is with a Tesla and SpaceX joint action that, the last 6th of February, Musk started one of its incredible and sci-fi adventures, with the launch of the Falcon Heavy, the most powerfull rocket ever launched. It has perfectly managed its purpose, which was to bring an incredible cargo in orbit, a Tesla Roadster.

Let’s met the Tesla Roadster and its interstellar passenger

“Made on Earth by humans”

Usually, when a new rocket is tested for the first time, are used simple objects, easily formable in the right size and weight, like concrete blocks. But, if we already started to know Elon Musk we certainly know that he isn’t an ordinary person. For the first launch of its Falcon Heavy he wanted to step out of the line launching in orbit one of its car, a red Tesla Roadster. Doing this he hasn’t only give to its production’s vehicle visibility, but he also demonstrated that, in the age of the race at the space, nothing is impossible. Like every self-respecting classic sci-fi an interstellar vehicle can’t run in the space without a good pilot, it is for this that Starman, a mannequin that wear a space suit, came on board of the Tesla. Musk and his staff didn’t miss any detail, nothing is been forgotten on the Tesla, it’s been even added some extra gadgets for its adventure, like a phrase on one of its electronic component: “Made on Earth by humans”.

Which is the trajectory of the trip started from the Tesla

After two days from the launch, the 8th of February, the vehicle passed the lunar orbit. At the beginnig the calculations maded brought the Tesla to follow a trajectory that pushed the vehicle far away from the sun, toward Mars, reaching the principal asteroid belt of our solar system. But lately the calculations has to be reviewed and it seems that now the car will never arrive to the asteroid belt. It is expected that the car will pass next to Mars on the October 2020, then it will return close to Earth on March 2021 and at the end it will be next to Venus. It will carry on its trip in orbit around the sun like an asteroid, periodicaly crossing the three planets’s orbits. The probablity that it will slam with the Earth are very low, but even more low are the chances that it will fall down in Venus or Mars. In every case we don’t need to be scare that could happen a slam, because if this happens, it will finish his rush pulverised by the atmosphere.

The Falcon Heavy destiny

Falcon Heavy

The Falcon Heavy, the rocket made by SpaceX, the Elon Musk’s space agency, has in front of it a bright future. Its inventor’s dream is to use it to bring human passengers on the Mars or Moon’s surface. The launch of 6th of February had a big global success and the future of the project seems to have a long life. Infact, it will be used to launch commercials or governatives satellites. The Falcon Heavy will soon fly again. There are, infact, two new flights planned for March and June. But it will be not alone flying the stellar skies, there will be, infact, another SpaceX’s collossus, its successor, the Big Falcon Rocket, which will be able to carry up to 150 tonnes of cargo.

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