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What is the anti universe?

And if was there another universe where the time runs backwards?

To assume the existence of another universe was a study appeared on Physical Review Letters. Our universe could be the mirror image of a universe of antimatter: the antiuniverse.

The physicists of the institute Permiter in Canada designed a new cosmological model that requires the existence of an “antiuniverse“. The group of theoretical physicists is coordinated by Neil Turok, with his theory, the team changed our vision of the whole universe.

Neil Turok is a big representative of the string theory, called even theory of everything. The string theory is the part of the theoretical physics that combines quantum mechanics and the general relativity.

Turok besides to be the director of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physic’s, covered even the desk on the Cambridge University, until the 2008.

The antiuniverse matches ours because it keeps an essential rule of the physics called symmetry CPT. The symmetry CPT implies that exists a mirror image of our universe, with opposite spacial configuration, with antimatter instead of matter and with the time that runs backwards.

Even though the opposite projection, the antiuniverse will evolve exactly like our universe. According to this essential physical principle, every physical process will be the same even though the inversion of time, space and matter.

Storia dell'universo
Universe history

What is the antimatter?

The quantum physics demonstrated that even the same particles consider a symmetry’s principle. For every particle can exist its “mirror particle”, identical to the other but with opposite electrical charge.

To every particle so matches an “antiparticle” with opposite sign. To produce the antiparticles it’s possible to generate a high energy collision between two particles. In this case some energy gets turned into matter and antimatter.

This theory lets us think that somewhere in the universe can exist antimatter worlds, populated by things fully symmetrical and opposite than our universe.

Inside those images there are about 15 thousand of galaxies

The antiuniverse

14 billions of years ago the Big Bang originated our universe, and so galaxies, gases, stars and planets. This moment for the theory of the antiuniverse is the moment when the antimatter was overwhelmed by the matter.

But the antimatter, even though its not apparition, kept itself in another dimension: the antiuniverse. In the antiuniverse the time runs backwards. If this theory will find based evidences, we would explain even the nature of a so mysterious element like the dark matter.

Even if the antiuniverse theory can seem a really dreamy and bizarre theory, with dark matter we aren’t talking about that part of matter which is invisible because unable to emit electromagnetic radations.

Obviusly this study is still ongoing due to the subtlety of the existence of another universe.

According to the authors of the new cosmological theory, the presence of this antiuniverse will give life to a really high number of mass barren neutrinos: the mysterious particles that can be on the basement of the dark matter.

The problem of this theory is that it doens’t explain what happened at the beginning of all. The amazing thing of the science is that it doesn’t matter how many scientists don’t agree with you. At the end, the right idea wons.

The science is not democracy, it doesn’t matter the agreement, the popularity. Galileo was right, even if his ideas weren’t popular at that time“, explains Neil Turok.

It remains the fact, however, that the Universe is greatly extended and really different than the one that arises from the initial singularity. From this awareness, there are two main strands of theories.

The first theory thinks that this disunity of the universe is only apparent while the second theory identifies the cause of the disunity right in the theory of the antiuniverse.

La teoria dell'antiuniverso
The antiuniverse theory

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