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Technology: Google is pointing on a more human approach


The words “technology” and “Google” are without any doubt linked and they have many points in common. The most famous search engine in the world, infact, is the quintessence of the technology and it allowed during the years the approach on the web’s world to millions of users in the whole world.

By the way, the future’s policy, if we can call it like that, is the one to make the technology ever more close to the people using a more human and conscientious approach. Let’see what does it mean.

Technology suitable for everyone

The goal that Google has set is the one to revolutionize the technology’s world and especially the relationship that all of us have with it. Nowadays, infact, it’s up to us to read the instruction manuals, to understand in which way a specific device works and to analyse every single function.

In the future though the things might be change. The purpose infact is the one to invert this way making the tech world much more sophisticated and suitable, basically, with our needs.

How do we do that?Google

Easy, the keystone is represented without any doubt by the Artificial Intelligence which will have the duty to analyse us, understand us and anticipate us. In an ideal future infact the AI will be able to receive maybe the GPS’ sign from our car, which notify it that we are coming back, prepare the dinner, switch on the air condition and the garage’s lights for our return.
Science-fiction? Absolutly no, the first results about it already start to appear.

What’s Google got to do with all of this?

If there is a company that is starting to approach to this “ideal future” in a totally innovative way is Google. A proof of this is the fact that the Assistant of the famous search engine is now fully implemented in every project and that it has characteristics lighlty more advanced compared with its competitors.

The goal that the developers has set is the one to progress until the next step. What does it mean?
The example is easy: nowadays, even using the intelligent assistants and the sophisticated devices it’s always us to have to say them what to do. Let’s do a simple example, if we have to send a message, we take our smartphone, we unlock it and we digit the message to then send it. In the future there will have to be the possibility to just say to our device what it has to do without have to doing it by ourselves.

The last purpose of Google is the one to guarantee to its users same advanced experiences. As well as when we talk with another person there are food for thoughts, we enrich the conversation and we can have a debate, as well will have to be with the assistants and the intelligent devices.

But how do we do all of this

Surely do what we said isn’t easy. The Google’s purpose is the one to be able to realize something innovative but at the same time suitable for everyone.

Find out the intersection point between those two characteristics isn’t easy. Surely about for example the Google Assistant they need, before to implement it with other characteristics, to let the users understand in which way they can use it better.Google
Nowadays infact the biggest part of the users doesn’t absolutly know all the possibilities that the AI gives and they us it in an easy and basic way.

In every case, considering the speed to which the technology evolves, it is easy to think that already in the next two years we will see same important news in the technological field. Surely the personalization will have an important increase with the purpose to propose a kind of product (even if it is Assistant or not) ever more personal that can let live to every single user an unique experience.

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