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How to better use Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is without any doubt an useful instrument, able to help us in many situations. By the way not everybody know how to better use it or which are its functions.
Let’s try to clarify, by going to explore this interesting Digital Assistant.

Researches and position

Between the basic and the simplest Google Assistant’s functions there is without any doubt the possibility to make specific researches. This kind of usage is probably the most known and allows to realize many kinds of researches.
Just using our own voice, for example, we can ask “What’s the weather in Milan?” or even ask indications to reach a determined place, the receipt of a specific dish, the money’s value and so on.
Basically we need to consider that, in the moment that we do a research throught the assistant, it is like if, phisically, we are in front a PC with the Google’s homepage opened. Google Assistant
At the same way this instrument makes its researches considering the answers of the search engine with the purpose to give a solution in the shorter time possible.
That’s mean that we are talking about a real assistant that it’s working for us.

Besides this, though, we can make even other kind of researches more specific. The Google’s Assistant, infact, gives the possibility to be used even during a trip.
According to its position, infact, Assistant is able to show us, for example, the closest restaurants, interesting’s places, monuments to visit, etc., giving us not only their position but even the quickly way to reach it.

A clever usage

After saw what can be defined the “basic usages” of Google Assistant it is good to analyze even all the functions more specific that allow to better use this Digital Assistant.
Firstly we have to say that Google’s Assitant is able, especially in the english version, to have even real conversations. This allows us without any doubt to obtain better results about the answers of a question.
By the way it is possible to use this instrument even in a clever way. For example we can program some events by just asking the assistant to do it or even some lists (like the shopping’s list, to do list etc.) adding or deleting elements just using the voice as we are talking with a live secretary. Google Assistant

The Google Assistant’s functioning, though, isn’t only this. Through this function, infact, we can automatically open apps, by using the voice, or even we can send messages on WhatsApp with written what we dictated to the assistant.
An absolutly clever and quick way to operate that allows to make many functions quicker.

And the fun?

Maybe you will not believe it but Google Assistant is even able to entertain the users. With functions that aren’t so different then the Siri or Cortana ones. This assistant, infact, gives many leisure activities and entertainments.
We can, for example, roll the dices or the coins, we can open quick games through the order “let’s do a game” or even the assistant is able to tell jokes, play poems, switch on music and sing.
It is so a large repertoire that allows us even to have some fun going to use all the functions of this amazing assistant.
Surely in the future there will be numerous upgrades and the functions of this and of the other Digital Assistants will be ever more refined and performing.

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