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The tv series to see during the Christmas holidays

Tv series for Christmas

Finally the Christmas holidays are arriving and whit them a little bit of free time. If you are thinking to enjoy a binge watching of Tv series but you don’t know from what you should start here you have some suggests about the last releases of this period.

The Tv series to see under the Christmas tree

Vikings – 6° season

Tv serie
Vikings the cast of the second season

On Timvision since the beginning of december it’s possible to see the sixth season of this historical serie which talks about the vikings and the cycle of Ragnar. This chapter is focused on the fratricidal war that involves the inheritors of the ex protagonist of the serie. A kind of blood feud that sees friends and brothers sided on the opposite sides.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – 3° season

tv serie
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a serie played by Rachel Brosnahan

On Amazon Prime Video arrives the third season of the serie comedy in fancy dress, which already won many awards, created by Amy Sherman-Palladino (Gilmore Girls, Bunheads). This serie tells about Midge Maisel (played by Rachel Brosnahan), first comedy stand-up in the America of the ’50s. In this season we will see her dealing with her first tour: how will her deal with the hard laws of the showbiz?

The Expanse – 4° season

Tv serie
The Expanse is the science fiction serie arrived to the 4° season of Amazon Prime

For the science fiction fans since the half of december it’s available on Amazon Prime Video a new chapter of one of the most interesting serie of this year. The story tells about the war between the terrestrials, the martians and the citizens of the asteroids belt of Ceres. The disputes now find a new field and it’s linked with the opening of the Ring Gate, a passage that gives the possibility to explore a new system of planets potentially liveable.

The Witcher

Tv serie
The Witcher is the really waited fantasy series played by Henry Cavill

It was announced already for a while The Witcher is a serie for the fantasy fans released by Netflix since the 20th of december. This serie is based on the lucky polish dark fantasy saga of Andrzej Sapkowski, became famous thanks to the videogames of CD Projekt Red. The serie takes inspiration from the first books, especially from the monster hunter Geralt of Rivia which is in the middle of the war between the kingdom of Nilfgaard and the North States. In the shoes of the main character we find a Henry Cavill platinum blonde for the occasion.


You sees as the protagonist actor Penn Badgley became famous thanks to Gossip Girl

The thriller was bought by Netflix after passed on the channel Lifetime almost unseen. On this new platform You had success and a new season is ready. Joe Goldberg is a really intriguing bookseller, apparently a good boy. But Joe is a dangerous stalker, that to conquer the lover he’s ready to do heinous crimes, told by the same Joe which believes to be an incredible romantic. You is focused on the omonimous romance of Caroline Kepnes of the 2014.

The New Pope

the new pope
In The New Pope John Malkovich sides the famous Jude Law

For this tv serie we have to wait for the firsts of january and it will be directed again by Paolo Sorrentino, as the follower of The Young Pope. The first serie has been seen as a turnaround: 10 episodes, released in the 2016 which brought a turmoil in the small screen.

In the last episode of the season Lenny Belardo (played by Jude Law) is in Venice and he is saying an intense sermon filled with questions. When he sees the parents, in the middle of the crowd, he got a stroke and pass out. The official news talk about a script written by Paolo Sorrentino together with Umberto Contarello and Stefano Bises. Furthermore in the cast there will be even the cryptic John Malkovich.

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