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App to find the car: there is Ritrovami

Today we talk about the app to find the car, it is one the applications for smartphone that help you to remember where you parked the car.

App to find the car: let’s use Google Maps

Before to talk about the one that seems to be the most downloaded app of the last months, we must do a premise: if you don’t remember where you parked your car you can ask for the help of Google.

app to find the car google maps
The first one between the apps to find the car is always Google Maps. Some upgrades won’t let it properly work on some devices.

Google assistant, infact, can help you if you lost yourself during a walking tour, you don’t know the area and you don’t remember where you parked the car. The important thing is to have the geolocalization on on the smartphone. Now you can do two things: ask to Google to put a dot on Google Maps where you parked before to move away from the car, or, if you moved quickly and you forget to sign the park on the maps, you can push the button home of your phone and ask to the Google assistant “Where did a park the car?”. 

Google infact, automatically keeps track of all your movements and it notices if you are walking or you are going by car, so it’s able to remember when you stopped to drive and started to walk, by bringing you back to the car park.

Ritrovami! The app to find the car of the moment

Ritrovami! is the most downloaded application for smartphone of the moment if you are used to forget where you parked the car. Let’s think for example to who often drives for work and doesn’t know the destinations.

app to find the car ritrovami
And here you have Ritrovami! the most downloaded app to find the car of the last months.

Is is useful even for who is forced to park away from home in the evening and always in a different spot because maybe he lives in the center city. Often in the morning it’s hard to remember where we left the car. With Ritrovami! you can do it.

Now it only remains to find out how it works and why it is useful to download it unless to use the Google assistant which is often considered the only help in these kind of situations. In reality it isn’t always true.

How does Ritrovami! work?

It’s easy. Let’s active the GPS before to leave. Let’s active Ritrovami! and it will keep track of your movements, by signing the way with the coordinates in background. At the moment of the stop it will send you a notification to remember you to put a point on the park, by showing you the way that you did to reach the point where you are now leaving the car.

When you will be back in the park it will be enough to open the app to find the car and to click on “Ritrovami!”. It will show you the quicker way to reach your car.

Why should we instal this app to find the car?

Because Google Maps can’t help us always. Unfortunatelly, some of the last upgrades of the most used applications of maps in the world, removed some functions, for this reason some phones might not have this characteristic of which we were talking before, about the way tracking.

Ritrovami! can be a great alternative solution. Maybe it is for this reason that it is on the top of the leagues between the apps about the cars. And not only. In the app stores it is rated with 4 stars and half because it is constantelly upgraded.

A very basic application, which makes it easy to use and not very heavy to keep on the device. It is perfect for who doesn’t have an ultra modern smartphone.

There are many apps to find the car online. Ritrovami! is only one of the many possible choices. The important thing is to always remember that Google can’t always help us and that the first computer which is able to keep up with us is our brain. for this reason, let’s remember to train yourself and to not trust too much in your smartphone even when you don’t remember where you parked the car.

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