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Apple Watch 6: characteristics and qualities

Let’s talk about the new apple smart watch, which is the new Apple Watch 6. It was launched the last september, followed by its brothers Apple Watch Se. How are the sales of this new jewel going? Its functions are ever many and powered. Let’s find out its characteristics and qualities.

Apple Watch 6, not only a watch

Now we now it, buying an Apple smart watch is much more than buying a new generation watch. Distinguishing marks: constant control of the body activity.

Thanks to the new and powered functions, between which the app and the sensor for the measurement of the oxygen level into the blood, Apple Watch becomes even more essential, by giving even more informations about our general health state. Even the fitness functions were improved and this make it the best smart watch on the marketplace for who loves the sport activities.

What does it do with your blood

On the case of this new Apple accessory there are 4 groups of LED red, green and infrared. These LEDs are closed inside a sensor that includes even 4 photodiodes, placed on the back crystal. The sensor measures the light reflexed in the blood through which we can collect the percentage of oxygen carried by the red globules from the lunges to the rest of the organism.

apple watch 6 i sensori e fotodoidi integrati
The sensor Level O₂ uses the LEDs and photodiodes integrated in the back crystal of Apple Watch 6.
Behind all of this system there is an advanced algorythm, developed to detect the levels of the oxygen in the blood from the 70 to the 100%.
Already while resting, the user can do the measurement and control how it changes during the whole day or during a session of sport activity. But not ony, the sensor controls even the breath activity while sleeping if we want and the periodic measurements are done in background.

The alternative: Apple Watch SE

It’s the cheapest model. The smaller brother that, even though it is smaller for size compared with the Apple Watch 6, it isn’t for performances too.
Thanks to the hardware fully re-planned, the model SE and the basic model have evn more functions and power in the same compact design of the previous version. The app open faster without compromise the autonomy of the battery that lasts for 18 hours.

They both charge very fast, and both have the advanced retine display always-on. Even the altimeter is always-on and it gives the altitude in realtime for the whole day.

apple watch 6 altimeter always on
Altimeter always with you? With Apple Watch it’s in the always-on mode

So why should we choose an Apple Watch SE instead of the basic model? Because it costs a little bit less and it’s perfect even for who isn’t looking for very high performances for the fitness. Infact, the sensor for the oxygen level isn’t available on this model, but it has an optical heart rate monitor. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative the SE is the model for you.

Apple and the scientific research

Apple is working with some researchers to do three medical researches that need the usage of the Apple Watch to find out how the oxygen levels in the blood can be used for future medical applications.
Thanks to the University of California, already since this year it’s started a project against the asthma and the breath stress problems. The project aimes to examinate the long measurements of oxygen in the blood and other physical markers.
But not only. Apple already since the beginning of the last year will cooperate next to the researchers of the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research and with the ones of the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre of the University Health Network. These two healthcare organizations are between the biggest ones of the North America for the fight against the hearth diseases, for this reason they are interested to the usage of the Apple watch devices to check a sample of people to understand how to help the congestive hearth failures by studying the levels of oxygen in the blood.
Apple Watch 6 can give earlier signg for breath problems, like the flu. Infact, many doctors are trying to find out how the metric that come from the apps on the Apple Watch can detect something that doesn’t work in the body throught the control of the hearh beat and the level of oxygen. 
Will be able this smart watch to improve itself as much as to help us once to have a perfect health? Only the time will say it.

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