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iOS 14 is arriving

ios 14

It’s miss a few for the next Worldwide Developers Conference that will take place in streaming the 22nd of june, the place where it will be presented the new waited iOS 14. Let’s find out what we should expect from this new operating system iOS which will be the new apps and the compatible iPhones.

The new iOS 14

At the 31st Worldwide Developers Conference, which will take place in streaming because of the coronavirus, there will be great probability that it will be officially presented the new iOS 14. The leaks about it are many and leakers and experts assume ever more about it.

The main big doubt is especially about which will be the compatible smartphones between the one already in commerce. According to The Verifier we can be sure because it will be compatible with the iPhones that support the iOS 13. Specifically they are currently 15 and they are: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Max, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE 2016 and iPhone SE 2020.

News about the graphic

Between the most waited news of iOS 14 there is the graphic that probably will have some changes. Backgrounds and menù so will have some changes, but the real revolution according to many sources will be the new mobile widget, which can be easily moved as we like.

ios 14
A new app for the fitness will check the parameters of the compatible smartwatches

The section Collection instead should help to list efficiently the backgrounds by being able so to list them accoding to the category finally. Furthermore thanks to the new function Home Screen Apparence it will be possible to change the tone, the blur and many other parameters to realize the background as you like. A big news for the iPhones, that we never see it before.

Simultaneous translations for iOS 14

We are talking about the new possibility of Safari to translate instantly the pages of different languages to the one setted on the smartphone. Maybe this option will be available even for other applications and it will allow the program to detect the language of a web page (or even straight for some apps) and to autonomously translate the text without use external applications (like it can be for example to use Google Translate).

This immediate translation is possible thanks to an internal chip extremely intelligent the Neural Engine (shortened N.E.) that without connect to internet it acts to a local level on the smartphone.

Other news between the apps

Another interesting new of iOS 14 is about the accessibility. Infact in Cupertino they did huge steps forward to help the disabled users. It seems infact that they were able to notify clearer important sounds like alarms, sirens, children cries and even bell rings. This thanks to a customized audiogram (extended besides than to the device even to the AirPods and to the EarPods) that can compensate to the needs of every owner.

ios 14
The application Where’s it will be useful to know the position of the people that had to arrive to an appointment

News even for the iMessage, that should seem to introduce some functions already known. For example it will be introduced the system of mention and notification known by the users of WhatsApp. But it will be even introduced the notifications of the real time writing on groups and the notification of the deleted messages.

Even the application Where’s it renews itself. It seems infact that they added the function to alert the user if a person isn’t able to arrive on time to an appointment. This application is very useful if a parent wants to be sure that the son arrrived at school, for example.

Another new of iOS 14 should be about a fitness application with innovative videotutorial for the work out, while constantly checking the body parameters with Apple Watch.

Instead Gobi is an app that manages the augmented reality, it’s thought to be used in the future by the business activities, it allows to see adding informations to the shotting made by the camera.

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