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Robot CEO VS Human CEO

Arm wrestling with a robot. The struggle of man vs robot.

Our way to feel the robots changed. For a while, we stoped to relegate a robot in a science-fiction movie, like if it come out from Star Wars. We realized that the robots are a reality, even really close, of physical and digital technologies that help us to better live and work.

We appreciate technologies like the Artificial intelligences, the chatbot, the automatic learning and many other informatics’ progresses that are included in the robotic’s field.


The technological Managers

The advanced robotic’s growth takes on ever more human characteristics: a new study observed that the 53% of the employees which are under a manager (CEO) will be happy to work for a robot.

Almost 1 employee on 10 thinks that a society focused on the intelligent technology would be more pleasure compared with a company made of human relationships. The 83% of the HR managers thinks that the automation and the robots will replace the biggest part of our work inside companies and production systems.

The practical and physical activities will be the first ones to be replaced. The next step will be the working and professional cooperation between humans and robots.

Even McKinsey claims that the industrial automation will be so invasive that the robots of the 2050 will wear in a suit and they will sit in an office’s desk.

The robots so could replace the managers and take important strategic decisions for the companies, and why not, cooperate with important human professionals.

The human bipolarity

The astonishing datas of the research indicate that a little bit more than the half of the employees will enjoy a robot CEO. The news so absolutly disagree with a previous survey made by the British government that said that up to 6 millions of UK employees were afraid that their roles will be replaced by machines in the next future.

From the survey about up to 1.000 people in the whole country come out that more than the 37% (percentage egual to 10 millions of employees) feels frustration because believe that his job will get worst in the next decade.

Robot VS Human’s job

Why is there this contradiction? We, humans, feel conflicting sentiments towards the technology but deeply we know that it is essential. For this reason, we feel a sense of trust toward the technological progress.

Many of us daily interact with Apps, vocal controls like Google, Amazon Alexa or Siri, by automatizing our daily work and leaving that the intelligent software helps us with our important duties.

We are basically moving much of our life on the technology. We could still be far away from having physical machines, artifically intelligent that work next to us, or even that are our CEO, but the needed technology to let this happen is moving really quickly.

It isn’t utopia thinking to live those scenarios in the future. Will be this the reason for which the people are familiarising with the idea to work for Robots CEO?

Human or Robot?

Many employees on the working’s place are often unsatisfied due to the manager structure of their job, the robots won’t be like the humans, they have limits, but to have a robot CEO has even its advantages. “Human isn’t a machine“, everyone of us must have heard this kind of phrases.

human CEO has more weakeness, but only for his own nature. It could spend worst days and better ones, it could have or not personal problems, it could feel conflicting sentiments, it could slept less and work too much.

Inevitably all of this has a reflex in the professional and managerial’s field, for this reason a Robot CEO is preferred by most of the employees: it will avoid the conflicts, it will increase the efficiency and it will have a decisional process always clear and valid.

A Robot CEO is all of this but it isn’t human: Robot CEO or Human CEO?

Robot CEO or Human CEO?

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