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Panasonic and the new semi-rugged notebooks

Panasonic Toughbook 55

For who does toughest jobs, but needs anyway the support of the technology, rugged smartphones and notebook were born. They are drop, dust and water proof, they are perfect for who doesn’t do an office job. Recently Panasonic announced its new model of notebook semi-rugged: the Toughbook 55. Its peculiarity is its modularity, which allows to personalize the notebook thanks to the added slots.

Semi-rugged notebooks but flexible

During the purchase is infact possible to choice to personalize three added doors by choosing between expansion slot, connector VGA, connectors True Serial, further USB doors, or even a Rugged USB 2.0 but even a second GLAN.

It will be then possible to integrate a smartcard‘s reader, to improve the performances of the graphic compart, to add memory or the Blu-Ray reader. But it isn’t all, thanks to the front slot it’s possible to increase the functions of this notebook with a fingerprint reader, a RFID reader or even adding an added battery. This semi-rugged notebook is flexible because it can be modified according to the needs of the moment, so that it can be suitable for every need.

Panasonic Toughbook 55
The meaning of the expansion’s slots of the semi-rugged notebook Toughbook 55

Another strong point is the aspect, it’s really thin for a semi-rugged notebook: it weights only 2,08 kg for a thickness of 32,8 mm. It results so really easy to carry, thanks even to the strong handle of which it’s equipped. Compared with its predecessor the Toughbook 54 is stronger, infact it earned a certification Ingress Protection Rating IP53, that makes it safe from dust and water splashs. About the drop resistance it’s guarantee for a maximum high of 91cm (MIL-STD810H).

But even the resistence to the high temperatures did a step forward, it will be so possible to work without problems into a range which goes from the -20° C to the +60° C. The battery then lasts up to 20 hours, if instead we would like to use a slot for the added battery we can arrive to 40 hours of autonomy.

The screen then is a capacitive touch and it allows to use up to 10 fingers simultaneously, even covered with the gloves. For the most precious projects, then, it’s possible draw the lines with a pen with thin tip of 2mm. Therefore the screen will be well visible thanks to the regulation of brightness that goes from 1000 cd/m2 of maxium to a minimum of 2 cd/m2.

The sustainability

Jan Kaempfer, the General Manager of the Marketing section of Panasonic Mobile Solution, points out then that this semi-rugged notebook is sustainable. This because it’s been thought to be repaired, every component can be replaced or fixed without dispose of the whole computer. It results then even much more reliable, because if some expansion slots broke, it’s possible to send only that one under repair without inevitably take a replacement computer while the notebook is under repair.

notebook semi-rugged
Panasonic Toughbook 55 has new certifications compared with the predecessor the Toughbook54

A great change so for this semi-rugged notebook, surely against the flow compared with most of the brands around. Another positive thing, always about the sustainability, is the compatibility with all the accessories of its predecessor, the Toughbook 54. The docks for vehicles and the doors’ replicators previously bought can so be used.

The safety

Last but not least is the safety, which provides a protection hardware, software and about the identity, on platform Windows 10 Pro. Always protected so from firmware attacks, thanks to the protection of the phase BIOS. But even from the attacks to the device, with the protection of the access to the datas even when operating system is in stand-by. Finally the system Windows Hello allows to use the face recognition to unlock this semi-rugged notebook with so many abilities.

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