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The future’s domotics

smart screen with smart home and modern living room

They came into our lives really slow. Until short time ago not everyone known what it is, while now all of us wonder them. The technological devices to make our home smart start to become reality, we can speak about them with the word “domotics“, and in this article we will try to find out what we should expect from the future.

The invisible television

In the last years the televisions are changing their design to become ever more integrated in the living room’s decor.

The last revolution is due to the invisible televisions: they are screens with OLED technology that once switched off they become semi transparent, so to let glimpse what is hidden behind. It is like if the tv exists only when it’s being used.

TV invisible
TV invisible

The green kitchen

Until few years ago, looking to the first projects’ render developed about this topic, we stayed astonishing. It seemed almost unachievable, but now is becoming a concrete way in the nowadays architecture.

Until the next years the people will grow vegetables and greens straight at home.

The proposed solutions are many: we can think to pots integrated in the kitchen’s furnitures which are able to “self-sustaining” them seeds; besides that a vertical garden that will be automatically inserted in one of the well-equipped pillars of the kitchen.

Green Kitchen
Green Kitchen


The one of the energetic saving is surelly a really heartfelt topic all over the world and the big companies of technological devices cannot override them.

A really interesting propose, in this field, is the one of the smart tap for the kitchen and for the bathroom which has a screen that allows to use the water at the exactly wanted temperature.

It is possible, therefore, to check a counting of all the consumptions of the last period, so to increase our level of awareness.

Smart light

The LED lights adjustable from our own smartphone entered in many houses and became almost a common usage, but even in this field it is predicted a revolution.

The Aurora system, for example, for the lighting thought to not focusing much on the light bulbs, but on the internal walls of the apartments.

It is a sectional and modular instrument that allows to create real light’s sculpture inside our home. By the way, in this field it is predicted a bunch of innovations.

Technological bedroom

In this case, the object of the technological revolution is the bed. The start up Smart Duvet realized a bed that will make itself alone in the morning. It is a smart coat which needs to be connected to our own duvet or sheets so to say to the bed to make itself from our own smartphone.

Another high tech product presented during the CES 2017 (Consumer Electronic Show, a mondial event in which are presented all the technologically more advanced products), is been the Sleep Number 360.

It is a super technological bed equipeed with sensors able to track the sleep of who is using it. But that’s not all! It isn’t a simple tracking of our habits but, to it, are joined many suggestes about how to improve the quality of our sleep so to wake up rested.

Smart Bed
Smart Bed

Let’s finish with the one that maybe is the hardest to reach domotics’ high tech revolution, but which could become reality.

There are many doubts about it, because we can’t ignore the consequences that this invention will have on the peoples life that, inevitably, could bring to have a much more sedentary life.

It is HiCan, a multimedia bed that integrates on it a headlamp, a consolle to play to the videogames, lights to create every kind of atmosphere, all of it operable through a unique remote.

And it could not miss, around this bed, a system of sliding panels, operable with the remote too, which while closing allow to sonically isolate ourselves from the rest of the world.

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