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The super technological glasses Bose Frames

Bose Frames

They are called Bose Frames, and they are the new sun glasses signed Bose, famous branch that produces speaker. That glasses, infact, combine three functions.

At the first place, obviusly, there is the one of sun glasses, but to it are added the functions headphones and a platform audio AR (Augmented Reality). F0r the company this becomes surely the lighter speaker that Bose has ever done.

With those amazing sun glasses is possible to call, to use the vocal assistants (Siri and Google Assistant), to listen music, besides to protect our own eyes from the sunlight!

Bose Frames
Bose Frames

The company just defined them as “Practical and revolutionary” when it presented them in March. By the way, once switched on they becomes a real technological terminal connected to internet through the telephone network.

It is like wearing some wireless headphones, but the glasses aren’t in-ear. The sound, infact, arrives in the brain through a small chip on the glasses.

In this way, with a really fair vision result, the glasses are able to direct the audio toward us and not toward the external surrounding environment.

How do they work

To use all the functionings of the new Bose Frames glasses we can use the touch command on the right arm of the device, besides that the comfortable vocal commands.

It is possible in this way to manage the songs reproduction, to make vocal calls and to interact with Siri and Google Assistant, the most famous and spreaded vocal assistant of Apple and Samsung.

Furthermore, starting from the 2019, it will be released the application Bose AR both for the platform App Store and for Google Play. The app will allow to use an ever increasing number of settings and, especially, to higher interact with our own smartphone.

Bose Frames
Bose Frames

For a more technical point of view, the glasses Bose Frames work thanks to the platform Bose Audio AR made by a sensor equipped of nine axes that releaves every head’s movements. To it is added the integration of the GPS of the device of which the glasses are connected.

By mentioning the same company:

It automatically add a layer of audio, by connecting that specific place and moment to infinite possibilities of travel, learning, entertainment, games and so on.

Surely a great advertising, a description reach of intriguing elements that push all of us to be curious to try this instrument.

Augmented Reality

However, it is worth to explain and to better understand what we want to promote with this description and, therefore, what we exactly mean when we speak about Bose Audio AR and, so, about Augmented Reality.

The glasses are able to report the datas to the integrated sensors with the ones of the GPS of our own smartphone and, so, to understand where the user is. The sensor, therefore, has an accuracy so high to understand even in which direction we are staring.

The glasses are able to give to the user really detailed and appropriate informations. If we want to do a practical example, let’s just think to when we are in a city and we admire a monument: the Bose Frames glasses are able to notice all and to give a detailed description of that monument.


The integrated battery guarantees an autonomy of 3 hours and 30 minutes of musical reproduction and 12 hours of stand-by. To fully charge the battery are enough less than two hours.

Bose Frames
Bose Frames

Being it even a wearable article, it’s been made even an important study about the design of those glasses. They are available in two versions called Alto and Rondo.

The first ones with a rectangular lens, the second ones with a round lens. The steel hinges of the arm are gold plated. The glasses will be released firstly in the United States of America, to arrive then in the other countries for the spring of the 2019. The price is 199,95 dollars.

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