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The new models of Apple MacBook Air and iPad Pro

MacBook Air

The 30th of October, on Tuesday, in New York, Apple presented the new models of MacBook and iPad during one of its tipical events. After a bit more then a month from the launch on the marketplace of the new iPhone XS and iPhone XR, the gamma Apple is fully updated in order to the near christmas period, that like is known it is absolutly the most profitable period for Apple.

iPad Pro
iPad Pro

MacBook Air

The MacBook Air is the most spreaded Apple notebook and, due to the fact that it wasn’t updated for many years, it was quitly waited by the big audience. The most important upgrade is about the introduction of the new display Retina, with a definition and a resolution of the images surely higher then before.

The colours’ rendering, therefore, is lightly closer to the reality compared with before, even if Apple doesn’t have any rivals about it: both if we are speaking about smartphones, tablets or notebooks, the screens always give a colours’ rendering more realistic compared with the competitors.

The frame around the display is exactly the half of the previous ones, earning a nicer design closer to the “daddies” MacBook”. The size of the notebook remains anyway 13,3 inches, but the total measures are reduced.

There are two doors USB Type C and one exit for the jack audio of 3,5 mm. The keyboard is improved too, with a more pleasure feeling when we push the buttons and there is even an added back lighting with a single LED light for every button.

The trackpad is been enlarged of the 25% compared with before and now we find a sensor for the fingerprints. If usually it is on the bottom on the right, Apple decided to put it on the top on the right, up to the keyboard, to avoid that it is accidentally touched and to make the design pleasanter, which is always really care to the company.

Hardware improvements and Price

The battery guarantees the same hours of autonomy then before, therefore is been lightly enlarged to make some Hardware improvments. The most economic MacBook Air has 8GB of RAM and a processor Intel i5 of 1,6 GHz. The price is 1379 euroes and it is available since the last 7th of November.

MacBook Air
MacBook Air

iPad Pro

iPad Pro is been fully renewed. It is infact the first tablet without the tipical button Home, removed for the develop of an efficient facial recognition, like previously saw on the iPhone X, XS and XR.

iPad Pro is available in the shops in two formats, the smaller one of 11 inches and the other one, lightly bigger, of 12,9 inches. Even in this case, like saw for the new MacBook Air, the total size are less compared with the previous model and the frame’s edges around the screen is substantially reduced.

Hardware improvements

The processor A12X Bionic is the one most recently developed by the Cupertino’s company and it makes the new iPads Pro faster for a percentage that goes from the 35 to the 90%. Impressive! This makes the new tablets more suitable with who works with the graphic or, alternativelly, for the gaming.

Another essential new is about the connector for the charge. There isn’t any more the exit Lightning, which is been replaced with the most spreaded plug USB Type C.

Apple Pencil

Even the Apple pencil is been upgraded. It can be used to draw (or to write) straight on the screen. The design is been improvement and, furthermore, it can stay connected to the edge of the iPad Pro thorugh an internal magnet.

The big new is about the fact that while the Apple Pencil is magnetically connected to the tablet, it is automatically charged wireless.

iPad Pro
iPad Pro


The price for the basic model is 899 euros, until to arrive to 1.119 euros for the bigger mode. Even in this case, they are available already since the 7th of November.

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