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Future’s computers: how they will be?

computer del futuro

Ever more often in the last period it happens that we ask ourselves about the future’s computers and the characteristics that they will have. The computers are some instruments now affordable by everyone, mainly used to work, but even about the didactic, the teaching or just for leisure.
For this reason we decided to do some researches to understand, actually, what the computers will offer in the next years. Let’s discover it together.

Augmented reality and more

To fully understand how the computers will be in the future we decided to take attention to the words of Satya Nadella, the C.E.O. of Microsoft. According to Nadella, infact, in the next future will firstly disappear the stationary computers, which had, already, suffered a disastrous decrease.
Anyway even the monitors and, in general, the laptops how we know them now, will not exist anymore and they will be replaced with the “mixed reality”, which will characterise all the future’s products. 
Infact, the pc in the future will not exist anymore like we know it now but it will be a real experience that have target to bring the augmented reality to an even more higher level.
The visual field will become a kind of “infinite display” which through we can see virtual objects, holograms and so on.
Despite it could seems a science-fiction scenario it is really probable that something like that will happen, especially analysing the progress of the augmented reality in this way.

How it will work

The question that spontaneously arises, arrived at this point, is: will we walk with viewers on our face 24 hours per day? The answer is, obviusly, no, because it will be impossible.
The most probably scenario is the one where there will be the increase of small devices easily wearable, that are not a weight and that can even go almost unnoticed.
Let’s talk, for example, about the glasses or, why not, about contact lens to wear whenever we want to work, study or make researches in totally privacy.
There is who assumed even that the usage of brain implants which could allow to use those instruments through a specific chip. Obviusly there are many questions to deal in this case, but it isn’t sure that this possibility is totally excluded.

Practical applications

The thing that the future’s computers will haven’t monitor and keybord appear now clear to everyone, like the thing that with every probability there will be the spread of alternative instruments, like viewers, special lens, etc.
Therefore, we ask ourselves about the practical usages of this kind of technology and what could bring to the user about experience and utility.
The possible applications are many and, sometimes, are even already made through devices of augmented/mixed reality already around.
The Case Western Reserve University, for example, already introduced the usage of this kind of reality for the anatomy’s courses. Thanks to the viewers, infact, the students have the possibility to see models of the human body at life-size and interact with them. 
According to the experts this (especially in a course like anatomy, where the view is without any doubt a vital part) represent a valid help and it contributed to increase the learning about this specific branch of medicine.
Besyde this we could think, for example, to the usage of the augmented reality and the new PCs about the architecture. Through a viewer, infact, it could be showed to the customer the results of specific works, so to allow him to choose with attention what to do and what not.
The usage of this kind of technology is virtually infinite and it only remain to wait to see what is going on.

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