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Tests Accademy: start up of the lockdown

Tests Accademy is the start up born in the period of the lockdown that helps to pass the tests to enter in the university. Let’s discover together the project.

Tests Accademy: pass the entrance test

Every year, about 70 thousand students try to pass the entrance test. The places are only 13 thousands, and only 1 on 5 has the possibility to enter. We are specifically talking about the test for Medicine.

It started in the summer of the 2020 the course of preparation YesMed (which went sold out), it had great results. Infact, the 76% of the partecipants passed the test at the first attempt.

YesMed is an Accademy of test online which helps who is studying for the test to enter in the university. Test that became very hard even for the digital dynamics.

accademy of the tests
During the first lockdown was born the Accademy of the tests to prepare ourselves to enter in the most prestigious universities.

As YesMed there are many other online schools dedicated to the preparation of these entrance tests. That’s because the preparation to the entrance tests for the university are one of the most challenging thing for the students.

The one to enter in medicine is surely the hardest one. In this case there is the biggest educational funnel of our Country that stops or delays the carriers of many talents.

Thanks to these digital schools and to their educational ways, many guys are able to enter in the university.

The Tests Accademy was born during the lockdown

During the first lockdown, some students and graduated of the Bocconi of Milano realized the first Accademy of the tests. A platform that gives specific online study plans, that start from the strong or weak points of each students.

In this way, thanks to highly qualified teachers, it’s given to each students an online study plan digital and customized, with the purpose to improve his knowledges for the exam.

What does the Accademy of the tests propose

Accademy of the Tests proposes focused study plans that daily prepare the student, until the day of the test. 

The method gives a verticalized plan, based on the math analysis of the tests, which is able to plan the study and to maximize the results.

It doesn’t propose courses about single subjects, but a 360° ways that face all the subjects that there are on the tests, between which physic, logic, math, general culture.

accademy of the tests digital study
The study proposed by the Accademy of the tests is verticalized and completely digital. In line with the times, thanks to their programs many students are able to enter in the most prestigious universities.

What the creators want to give to the students isn’t only a simple educational training, but a personal way that analyze the datas of the simulations made by the single students. They want to detect their strong and weak points and improve the learning thanks to the constant reports about the obtained progresses.

Therefore, an important aspect is the one to cure even the emotional sphere of the student. The preparation to the tests is a very stressing moment and to face it they offer the constant presence of Tutors and Teachers for a support which is both emotional and educational.


The interesting thing is the subscription mode that the student can use. There are many possibilities of study, created with different timing and difficulties.

Each class is made with no more than 60 students and all the courses are online, and recorded. The teaching is made by selected teachers, between which there are 20 of the best students of the faculty of medicine of the University of Bologna and even universitary teachers and from the high school.

Technology for the study

Like we already mentioned the first course of the Accademy of the tests was born for who wanted to study Medicine the last year. Because of the success obtained, many other courses dedicated to the university with closed number were born.

This was possible even because all the educational courses were created with an advanced technology that allowed the students to freely study from home with an affordable price.

A trusting relationship that was clearly, fastly and transparency created and that allowed to increase the requests of inscription.

The purpose of the organizers, about the numbers, is the one to arrive to 400 students until the summer of the 2021. Even if their main purpose is the one to help an ever growing number of students to pass the tests.

For the future they want to always increase the offert, by giving courses that prepare even for the foreign universities.

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