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Develhope, school of videogames

There is a new project in the city. The software house Develhope opened the inscriptions to its own coding school. Let’s discover together when did it open and how do the courses work.

Develhope: the first courses started already a month ago

The first courses of Develhope started the last april. A project where one can teach to work and to write the codes.

The access to the tech school is completely free and the students will be able to pay in instalments the inscription fee. We are talking about 4 thousand euros, to put in the pocket of the software house only at the moment where the students will find a job.

The course is aimed to the young talents of the South of Italy and it has the purpose to give its support to fix the job and the digital gap, by creating teaching opportunities.

Develhope: opportunity for the South

The basic idea of this project is that writing codes can change the destiny of the whole community.

The ones that did it, infact, believe that the digital transformation of our society is the biggest occasion to share the development and the opportunities in the whole Italy.

develhope write codes
Write codes, according to the project of Develhope, will help to change the destiny of many communities.

Today it’s possible to dream about a different future that will connect the extraordinary places of the South of the Country, the small towns and the big metropolitan areas of the Southern with the most competitive areas of the world. All of it thanks to the digital and to its continue evolution.

The access to the professional digital skills must be affordable for all, no matter the economic and social conditions, and for this reason they chose to create an affordable model, where, the ones that subscribe to it and that learn how to work in the digital world, can then pay back the lessons over the time.

Healthcare emergency and digital work

Basically the students that accessed to the first courses of Develhope will study for free until when, while ended the school, they will find a job.

The creators of the project are infact sure that all the students will be able to enter in the world of the digital work that decided to invest in their teaching for free.

During htis healthcare emergency, the lessons of the technology school Develhope will be made from remote.

A full time school carrier, thanks to which the students will be able to get the needed skills to develop a web application.

Once ended the teaching phase, a specialized team will support the best students to start their job carrier inside the software house of Develhope or in the partner companies.

Statistics and inscriptions to develhope

To inscribe to the courses of the tech school it will be enough to go on the official website of Develhope and to answer to some questions.

It’s estimated that a year from the inscription, the students of these courses are able to enter in the world of the digital work.

develhope digital work
The world of the digital work is increasing and it’s estimated that until the 2025 it will need the 98% of developers in advance

According to an estimation by Microsoft, in the 2025 the world will need 98 million of new developers. The category of the developers infact is today one of the most useful to keep the step with the digital transformation that is ever growing in the productive system.

By the way, to find and to keep these professional figures is hard. According to a study of Unioncamere, infact, the digital skills are wondered for 7 employees on 10. Which means that the project of Develhope is the possible solution for these problems.

Develhope: lessons and teachers

The lessons of the school of technology Develhope will be made by developers with a long experience that will focus their lessons on the practical unless than on the theory.
The educational way lasts six months. During these 6 months the students will learn how to work on the web and they will get useful skills to cooperate in a team, by specializing on the sector that they like the most.
Then the teachers will follow the students in their integration in the work, both inside the software house Develhope, and in partner companies. 
A great opportunity that will help the youth of the Southern to enter in the world of the digital work, by increasing their knowledges, but especially by putting them on the same line of the others of the same age of the regions of the Center and of the North.

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