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Smart tattoo with light Oled

Smart tattoo

Did you that is been realized the first smart tattoo that becomes bright in the dark? Let’s see together how does it work and why this new kind of technology under skin and not represents a growing sector.

The smart tattoo

After years of researches it’s been created the first smart tattoo that can bright in dark with the technology Oled, the same one of the screens of the tvs and the smartphones.

This tattoo, integrated with other sensors, can be applied on the skin to check the hydration level or the sun exposure. But not only, it can be use on the food too to indicate the expiring date or on the clothes and on the nail as a fashion accessory.

Smart tattoo
The Smart tattoo will be a fashion accessory, but not only.

The device, developed by the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) with the University College of London, was published on the magazine Advanced Electronic Materials and it represents an excellence that will bring this sector to exponentially grow in few years.

The technology Oled

Like we said, this smart tattoo is based on the technology Oled. A kind of technology that includes organic diode that emit light and that it’s able to transfer with the pression of the image wetted with water.

This technology, infact, is enclosed inside a plaster of only 2,3 mils of millimeter, composed by an electroluminescent polymer, that emits light when there is an electric field interposed between the electrodes.

These electrodes are separeted by an insulating layer of film of the tattoo. Once ready it can be applied on the chosen material or on the skin.

Usually this kind of technology is used for the last generation tvs and smartphones alternativelly to the LCD one. As you imagine, it’s a new system, which means that it costs a lot, infact in the case of the objects produced with this kind of technology we talk about the high range. Maybe that’s the reason why, at the moment, the tattoo isn’t in commerce yet, but very soon we will able to see it inside the shops.

The idea of the smart tattoo

The study made to create this kind of technology was aimed to the encapsulation of the Oled to stop, as much as possible, their degradation when they are in touch with the air. Infact, they are already working even to the integration of this technology with a battery or with some super condensers.

Even for this reason the smart tattoo represents a growing sector. A sector through which Italy is demonstrating to be advanced in the technological process, because the researches about it starts from our Country.

Italy is cooperating with England which is investing a lot on these researches because this kind of technology has the advantage to be cheap.

But not only. It’s something about informatic and scientifical technicals easy to apply and to use. The tattoo can be easily removed with water and soap from any surface, which makes it even eco-friendly and hypoallergenic.

Smart tattoo
Smart tattoo

Applications of the smart tattoo

Like we saw the smart tattoos have a large potential and many applications. They can detect different kinds of datas, like the level of hydration of an athlete.

But not only. In the medical field they can be a breakthrough for the checking of the conditions of a patient. While in the food field they can help to check the origin and the degradation of fruit and vegetable.

But the light OLED tattoos aren’t only potentially ally in the medical field. They can be even used as a fashion accessory. 

In this case it uses a special polymer, on which it’s applied the spin coating. A process that, through a fast spinning, allows to have a thin and uniform layer. On this layer is printed a small tattoo which is able to emit a green light. This kind of system is specific for the human skin.

We can soon try them, maybe as a summer habit for some party at the beach – if it will be possible to organize them. Or we can see them on the box of our favourite products in the supermarket.

The smart tattoo represents a technological resource that joins business with pleasure.

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