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Google Trips: takes note of your trips

Google Trips, is the app by Google that helps us to plan and to organize our trips. Let’s see how does it work and which are its characteristics.

How does Google Trips work?

The functioning of this application is very easy. Connecting it with your account gmail you will be able to create a real customized guide of travels.

google trips app travels
To plan and to take note of the traves there is Google Trips.

Infact, the app releave of the datas and it sees your hotel bookings and all the references of the travel that you planned, or that you are planning, including the flight number and the hotel booking. But not only, you can add to it all the emergency contacts and the telephone numbers to call if you need.

Google Trips is free

You can download it with a simple click for free. Thanks to Gmail you can take note not only of the new trips, but even of the past ones. In this case it’s very useful if you plan travels that you already did and you want to do again.

Through the research of all the informations available on your smartphone (email, bookings of hotels flights, etc.) it’s able to help you to plan and to better manage your next trip. But do you know which is the most important thing? The fact that it can be used even off line, so it is an instrument that can follow you everywhere and that can give you useful informations at any moment.

The section Reservations

When we talk about Google Trips we cannot mention its section Reservations. There are all the personal datas of the user and it uses them to create further informations about the travel that we are going to do.

For example, if you are going to Barcelona, but you didn’t buy the tickets for the Sagrada Familia, the application will put it as something to “absolutely visit” and it says the methods to book a guided tour, or where we can buy the ticket.

google trips section
The sections of Google Trips can be used even off line and they are all connected between each other.

This section is connected to the one of the Thing to do. Here you will find the main attractions, the activities to do outdoor or indoor if the weather isn’t good and the suggested activities for kids. A list of the places to visit from A to Z, there are even the suggested tours to do with the less time possible.

Food & Drink and the section Saved Places

The first one is the section dedicated to restaurants, coffee shops, bars and pups. The second one instead is the section where you can save all you would like to do during the trip.

To these two sections, which are very useful, there is another one as well interesting. We are talking about the section Getting around, where there are all the suggested routes with many informations. Let’s see it specifically.

Getting around

Getting around is one of the most useful section because it collects all the informations that we need when we will arrive to our destination.

If we have any doubt about how to reach the airport, or if we are looking for the number of the company of taxi, here you can use your Google Trips to understand how to move.

Inside this section there are even the average price for the transports and for the accomodation, besides to useful informations even about the parks and the traffic.

Obviusly not all the cities have the same quantity of informations. Comparing, for example, Düsseldorf and Barcelona the informations about the spanish city that Google Trips proposes are much more. It even depends by how famous it is. More people visit that city with Google Trips and more informations there will be about it.

Why should we download it?

First of all because this app represents a valid help for all the ones that travel around the world and that have few time to organize before to depart.

Inside only one instrument we can find many informations and we can easily use them even off line without have to scroll between thousands of different web pages.

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