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Polaroid: the best ones today

The world of the photography is massive. The real passionated have even 2 or 3 cameras to shot in different conditions and occasions. Between them they even have a Polaroid. Today there are some interesting models that will be your special occasions unforgettable. Let’s see the best ones.

What is a Polaroid?

A synonym is “instant picture”, which means it is a kind of photo printing that allows to shortly have the pictures. We need a specific camera, which is right called Polaroid, it takes the name from the company that patented this photo system: the Polaroid Corporation.

polaroid classic
The story of the polaroid is ancient and it evolved in the time

At the beginning the system was only black and white, then afterwards the colours were added and between the ’70s and the ’80s it became very popular. The quality of the print though isn’t the best even if during the years it was improved. The prints suffer from the aging made by the light exposure, because as the time goes on they fade and they became more blue and or yellow. For this reason, even though it is a very loved kind of photography, it never overthrown the traditional photography.

The relaunch of the project

Between the ’90s and the 2000s there was a fast improvement of the digital technology. Shortly the analogic photography and the polaroid were replaced by digital prints or by instruments to watch pictures and videos. In the 2008 the instant films stopped to exist and it was here that the project The Impossible Project was born. It is made by a group of pasionated that decided to bought the last factory that produced Polaroid to make it active and competitive. Today the guys of the project are the only ones able to produce films for the Polaroid Vintage cameras.

From the minds of these passionated in the 2017 Polaroid Originals was born, it is a brand dedicated to the original products. The idea is the one to bring back the focus on the analogic instant photography.

Right this year it was done the next step: the original brand and the one created by The Impossible Project joined under the name of Polaroid. In this way it was possible to define a new view of the global brand dedicated to the products for the passionated and the nostalgic.

The best Polaroid today

Besides the classic Polaroid, today  there are many cameras that make instant pictures. Let’s see together which are the best ones today, starting right from the Polaroid Snap Touch.

polaroid snap touch
The Polaroid snap touch is surely one of the best cameras for instant pictures on the marketplace

It has an attractive design, that catches our attention. It shots digital pictures and it prints them on a thermo sensitive paper. It is easy and fast to use, but often the quality of the prints isn’t the best one.

It is compact and it allows to choose the shade of the colour of the print once took the picture, before to print it. It even has the possibility to connect via bluetooth with smartphone and pc to print in a moment the pictures previously shoted.

It even has an autofocus which is a little bit slow and cumbersome (the operating system might be improved), it has a great mode for the selfies with camera and the retractable flash.

Kodak Printomatic: photography all-in-one

Another object with a very interesting polaroid mode is the Kodak Printomatic. It is a camera that shots instant pictures on sticky paper Zink Zero. This allows to take pictures that will become stickers.

polaroid kodak printomatic
With the polaroid by Kodak you can continue take pictures even while you are printing.

It is light both for the hand and for the pocket: infact is maybe the one with the most competitive price between the tech objects of this kind. It is easy to use, this camera joins old and new technologies and it has a clean and attractive design.

It is a great alternative especially for who travels, because it isn’t heavy neither bulky. But not only, it is perfect for who would like to integrate his archive with good quality instant pictures with vibrant colours prints.

The Kodak Printomatic is equipped even with an usb cable and a slot for the SD memory: this makes it a great all-in-one, which means it is a camera that can take instant pictures, but even to keep and to transfer the pictures that can be printed afterward.

It doesn’t have the selfie mode, but you can go on shooting even while you are printing the previous picture. Great isn’t it?

Design for young

It is small and functional. Today it is even cheap because there are different versions all of them are very competitive both for the characteristics and for the price. We are talking about the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Ice, which is the camera for instant pictures that join a young and funny design with a great printing quality.

polaroid insta mini
The Fujifilm Insta Mini 9 Ice is the kind of camera for instant pictures more similar to the classic polaroid.

It is easy to use and it is the camera to keep within reach for every occasion. The idea of the producer is the one to make it close to the classic polaroid, both for the shape and for the technical characteristics. For this reason it was add a flash with brightness sensor, while on the back there is an aim and the film slot like in the old style.

There are many modes of shot that allow to have fun and to experiment. It has a low weight, as well as low and interesting is the price.

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