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The Sims: all the available versions

Some characters of The Sims 4

It was february of the 2000 when The Sims was published: it was the first game which simulated the life so really. A virtual world where it was possible to choose many characteristics of the figures, which we had to cure and manage, by building their houses, sending them at work and letting them follow in love. The game has been realized for many platforms: MacOs, Nintendo, GameCube, PlayStation, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, Game Boy, Wii.

The Sims

The game was realized with a mix graphic 2D and 3D. It is really full of personalized objects, really soon it became the most sold game in the history of the PCs, with an audience of every age and gender.

On the game there were some houses and families preinstalled, but it was possible to personalize evrything. The sims have some money (the simoleon) and they talk an invented language.

the sims
Screenshot of the game The Sims

The peculiarity of the game, which was already in the first version, is the presence of the bars that indicates the needs of the characters. Hunger, hygiene, energy, social, comfort, bladder (even the “sims” have to go to the toilet), fun and room, must be kept to good levels to go on in the game.

So we need to keep the sim clean, tidy, with some friends. But it is even important to let him rest (and if you don’t want to wait while he is sleeping, you can set the time at high speed so you will have to wait less time).

The sims then must find a job, unless that you want to use some tricks to let them become billionaire. There are every kinds of jobs: from the 10 initial possibilities (which include between the others: athelete, crime, politician, science), with the expansion you can add other possibilities.

Livin’it up for example introduces the deadbeat, the hacker and the paranormal, while Pets! allows to become vet, chef or to work in the circus.

The sims can even die, usually the most probable one is the death for fire (the fire detector at home never work), or for a cheap household appliance which easily give electrocuted or even while falling asleep in the pool.

The expansions and the mobile versions

Other expansions besides Pets! and Living’it up, are House Party which is dedicated to the parties, Hot Date which is dedicated to love. In the expansion On holiday instead it is possible to go on an island with beach and mountains by living in hotels and campings.

Then: Superstar adds the district where there is the Studio Town with cinema sets, recording studios, which is full of celebrities like Marilyn Monroe. And even Magic and spells which provides fightings between magicians and magic tricks, every expansions provides a set with new objects and environments.

The Sims
A screenshot of the game The Sims FreePlay

After that it was published The Sims 2 with a graphic fully in 3D, which che resetted the game play of the expansions of The Sims.

The eight expansions of The Sims 2 are: University Nightlife, Funky Business, Pets, Seasons (which introduce the weather, the seasons and the possibility to cultivate), World Adventure, FreeTime (which is dedicated to the free time, with creative and mental activites) and Live with Friends (that allows to live in apartments with more families).

The Sims 3 instead includes eleven expansions, between the most interesting there is Generation (to explore all the phases of the life), Supernatural (to play with warewolfs, vampires and fairies) and Into the future (with flying cars and futuristic cities).

From the exit of The Sims 4 we don’t talk anymore about expansions but about game packs, because the upgrade is smaller then a real expansion.

Until now they released seven of them between which: Backyard Stuff, Parents life, StrangerVille. The last one Magic Kingodm was released this 10th of september.

The Sims FreePlay was born for the smartphones and it is really similar to the basic version of The Sims 4, it can be freely downlodable from the store.

While The Sims Mobile is a version that collects both the characteristics of The Sims 4 and Freeplay, by adding though the possibility to play multiplayer.

The community

The strong point of The Sims is surely the community that is created around it, thanks to the possibility to create and to personalized objects, plants, trees, shops, clothes.

But not only: it is possible to exchange them and to download them on our game’s platform. It’s been created even specific programs to modify and to create the objects like Home Crafter, SimShow and Art Studio of the Maxis.

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