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Recycling the technology: how to do it?

How to recycle the technology

In the last years we take ever more care to the environment and especially it quickly spreaded the great costume to recycle. There are big companies that adopted the policy of recycling as a company policy or as a personal advantage.

There are many citiziens that felt oppressed and forced to change, but at the end in a way or another we are getting used to change our way to get rid of our personal wastages.

Whatever the reason is, from the greatest ones to the less ones, it is a fact that the recycling is a positive thing for the environment and for the whole community which is putting the basement for a better future.

Said that, do we really know how to recycle?

Where do we throw away our old smartphone? Or the computer, or the many electronic components? Do we throw them away like every other no recycling material? Absolutely no! Even the technology has its own life cycle which doesn’t end up in the bin. But so how do we recycle the technology?


Let’s start from the bases, our old smartphone, the computer and all the devices that we don’t use anymore are not a refusal, they are 0RAEE. But what is the RAEE? They are Refusals of electric and electronic instrumentations, which a signed by a symbol of a bin crossed by an X. Obviusly the symbol is really explicative.

The electric and electronic refusals, infact, can’t be thrown away in the normal bin of the not recycling materials, because they can be really dangerous for the environment.

Collect points RAEE
Collect points RAEE

In the last decades, from the technological boom to today, this kind of watage saw a massive increase, but many still don’t know what to do with their old smartphone.

To avoid to be submerged by dangerous refusals, wrong recycled, it’s good to know how to get rif of the old technology.

There are mainly two options: going to a collect point RAEE or get some informations from a electric and electronic devices’ seller.

Recycling in the collect point RAEE

If we stored a high quantity of old technology and we don’t know how to get rid of it we can go in the closest collect point RAEE. In the last years those centers increased and due to the high number of technology and its incredible diversity one must do a partition.

Infact, going there are throw all the material won’t be enough, we need to know even which is the right bin.

How to recycle the technology
How to recycle the technology

Usually the refusals RAEE are divided in five categories:

  • R1 – Cold and climate: fridges, freezers, air conditioners, etc.
  • R2 – Big white: washing machines, hoovens, grills, and many other big household appliances.
  • R3 – TV and monitor.
  • R4 – PED, CE, ITC, ecc: what are those acronyms? They encolose a huge variery of technologies: vacuum cleaners, shakers, small household appliances, computers, printers, faxes, tablets, smartphones, radios, etc. Basically everything doesn’t fit in the other categories.
  • R5 – bright sources.

Recycling from the seller

It’s now common the technology’s disposal. Yes, because what we thing broken and useless, could be in reality a huge source of resources and components. If we are going to buy a new smartphone, a new computer, a tablet or every kind of electric and electronic device, infact, the easier thing to do it’s arrange a disposal of the old with the seller.

How to recycle the technology
The old smartphones are a real treasure

The technology is in reality a huge mine of sources and it is really bad to throw it away. Firstly from the phones and the small electronic devices is possible to get precious materials with which they were created and assembled, besides than the reusable components.

The big companies take back their technology

Finally, there are many big companies, especially smartphones’ producers, that apply the policy of recycling by taking back the old devices.

For example Apple is increasing its efforts for taking back all of its old iPhones. To think to recycle the technology it’s right a technology. Daisy, infact, is the robot assigned to the disassembly of the old iPhones. It’s able to disassemble 15 different models of iPhone with a rythm of 200 devices per hour.

It’s time to recycle!

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