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Old smartphones: alternative usages

With the ever quicker technology’s progress the old smartphones become shortly obsolete and useless objects that we have to throw away. Anyway those devices that at their time allowed us to stay always in contact with the world can be still useful.
Let’s see together the alternative usages for our old devices.

Universal remote

Vecchi smartphone

One of the cleverest and immediate usage for our old smartphones is the one to use them as universal remotes. This kind of operation can be easily made with compatible devices so to have a remote to use for every eventuality.
In this way we won’t only waste our mobile phone but we will use it in a really clever way.

The uses are really many and it can be used like remote for smart tv, air conditioner, household appliances, coffee’s machine and so on.

Computer’s remote screen

Vecchi smartphone

Even if to a first look this kind of solution can be cosidered appropriated for geeks, we have to know that transform our own old smartphones in PC’s screens is easier that what we think.
It exists, infact, a free app called Chrome Remote Desktop that allows to access, remotly, to the files on our PC directly from the smartphone.

This kind of use can be really usefull for example if we are outside and we need to check something on our own computer or even for work if we don’t want to bring always the PC with us.

Security camera

Vecchi smartphone

This is one of the most interesting usage that can be really useful. It is possible infact to put the old smartphones in strategic places so to let them become real security cameras inside our own home.
To do it we just have to download an app like IP Webcam which allows to transform it in a real camera.

So it will be possible to check the activities inside the house, looking into some determined situations and guaranteeing the safety of the family.

Small console

Vecchi smartphone

The games consume many battery when they are installed on our mobile phones and, for this reason, we often try to avoid to use them to preserve some charge.
For this reason we can think to use our old smartphones as small consoles where spend our free time.

To do it we just have to download our favourite games ans use them only for this purpose. Doing that we will avoid useless wastes and we can have our own smartphone always charged and ready to use.


Vecchi smartphone

This kind of usage is suggested easpecially to who have a smartphone with a big size screen because it allows to improve the performances. An e-reader is nothing more than a portable reader of e-books that allows to read our favourite books everywhere.

To do it we just have to download dedicated app like the Amazon’s kindle that allows to download books directly from the app and to read them directly on our own e-book reader. A really clever idea.

Use in car

Vecchi smartphone

Another use for our old smartphones is the one to completely use them in the car environment. To do it we just have to buy a car’s support like for example the plunger ones so to have a real place for our mobile phone.
By placing it there we will have the fully control of many functions.

For example we could switch one the bluetooth and use the mobile phone by sending the songs on the radio or even use it as gps.

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