Spider-Man: Far From Home, the first news about the movie

The 2019 is crawling with news from the Marvel world, the last of which will arrive in July, with the new movie of Spider-Man: Far From Home.

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It starts to appear around the first trailers that see the Marvel super hero, in the shoes of the common Peter Parker in a school trip in Europe. But obviusly the evil never rest and, for this reason, not even Spider-Man can afford a holiday.

The thing that most catch the attention of the fans on the trailers of the last movie of Spider-Man is, without any doubt, the fact that it’s the first Marvel‘s movie after The Avengers – Endgame, as well as the first one of the “phase 4”. So every little detail could hidden a spolier about what will happen on the last chapter of the avengers’ saga, which will come out in a bit more than one month.

The story and the costume

Peter Parker and his friends go on holiday with the school in Europe. But here Spider-Man will be recruited by Nick Fury. Anyway in the first minutes of the movie Peter takes the decision to leave the Spider-Man costume at home. Decision about which he must rethink soon.

Spider-Man in alternative costume

The official synopsis gives us a first overview about what will happen in Far from home, as well as the first pictures and the first posters. By confirming what was already suspected for a while and that it’s that under the black costume of Peter Parker there is the hand of Nick Fury.

Right the images of the costume were leaked for unofficial ways online, by forcing the producers to officially present it.

Peter Parker and his friends go on summer holiday in Europe. Anyway the friends won’t be able to enjoy it as they wished, Peter will have to accept to help Nick Fury to find out the mystery of the creatures that caused natural disasters and destruction in the whole continent”.

Allies and antagonists

In this new movie we will see Spider-Man and his allies dealing with many super villains. As well as we can see from the trailer in Far From Home appears Mysterio, arch enemy of Spider-Man in the comic books. By the way it seems that in this occasion he became one of the main allies. He was recruited, infact, for his huge knowledge of the Elementals.


Those are four humanoid three-dimensional immortal. We know them through the comic books, they are Hydron, Lord of waters, Magnum, Lord of land, Hellfire, rider of flame and Zephyr, Lord of winds. We can confirm the presence of all of them. All of four, infact, appear into the trailer. They ruled a kingdom on the Earth before the advent of Atlantide and they have the power to control the natural forces.

There are those threats to the world, the Elemental creatures, and Mysterio is someone that knows about them, and Nick Fury called him and asked him help because he’s the only one that really understand in some way them and so he becomes ally of the friendly neighborhood Spider-man and, unfortunatelly, he have to transform him not anymore in a simple friendly neighborhood Spider-man”.

There will be, finally, some “returns” in Far from home, like Ned, MJ/Michelle, Maria Hill, Happy Hogan and, like we said, Nick Fury.

The trip in Europe

The locations confirmed for Spider-Man: Far From Home, besides the native New York, are some european destinations: Venice and London. Both of them confirmed by pictures and trailers. But there are rumors about other locations. To prove the european travel of Peter Parker and his friends there is an official poster that represents the Spider Man’s mask littered with stickers of many european destinations.


It’s not sure that those are all included in the travel and that all appear in the movie, but two of six are already confirmed. The remaining are: Berlin, the Swiss Alps, Prague and in a bottom corner the one that seems to be Rome.

Spider-Man: Far From Home, directed by Jon Watts, sees, one more time, Tom Holland in the shoes of Peter Parker. The movie will come out in the italian cinema the 5th July, while in America the release date is the 6th of July.

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