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How to choose the best smartphone Samsung

Galaxy Note 9

Would you like to buy the new smartphone Samsung? Are you wondering which can be the best smartphone Samsung around? It is really probable that you are undecided on which model to choose, that’s because you see around many offerts and it is hard to choose.

This guide helps you to make a choice and to clarify your doubts. While choosing a smartphone Samsung we need to consider the line on which the product is related, because according to it it is defined even the price range, which is surely an important element.

miglior smartphone Samsung
Samsung Galaxy A8

How to choose the best smartphone Samsung

As a precondition it is important to define same informations that can be useful before taking a decision. The main questions that we can wonder are two:

  1. Every smartphone Samsung is characterised by a letter. Which are the differences between the lines?
  2. How much is worth to spend for a smartphone Samsung?

The answer is prompt:

  1. To every letter correspond a price’s range of which the smartphone belongs. The line Galaxy J is the lower range, there is then the line Galaxy A, then the Galaxy S and finally the line Galaxy Note which is the most expensive.
  2. Obviusly the choice is almost completely focused on the usage that we will do of the smartphone that we are buying. If you don’t have high demands, the suggest is the one to think about the line Galaxy A. Instead if you need something more, like a great camera, the Galaxy S is the right choice for you. If then you are looking for the top of the line about all the aspects, you should think about the Galaxy Note.

Samsung Galaxy J5

The cheapest model of the lower line is the Galaxy J5 2017. With 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of expandable disk and 13 MP of camera it isn’t absolutly to abandon as a choice.

miglior smartphone Samsung
Samsung Galaxy J5

Samsung Galaxy J7

In this model the GB of RAM arrive to be 3, the memory remains on 16 GB and the camera this time is 13 MP both on the front camera and on the back one.

Samsung Galaxy A5

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 has 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of expandable memory, 16 MP of camera, the reader of fingerprints and a waterproof and dust-proof certification IP 68.

Samsung Galaxy A8

The most recent news belongs to the medium range and it is the Samsung Galaxy A8 2018. With the display format 18:9 with thin edges and rounded corners, it seems to be a high range’s smartphone. The fingerprints’ reader is there, but it is placed on the back of the smartphone. The RAM is 4 GB, the disk is of 64 GB expandable and the camera is 16 MP.

Samsung Galaxy A9

The same thing is even for the Samsung Galaxy A9. If the Galaxy A8 seems to be, for the design, a Galaxy S8, Galaxy A9 is most like the S9. Even here we find a display format 18:9 and the fingerprints’ reader, but the RAM is 6GB, the memory 128 GB and the camera 24 MP.

Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus

They are two smartphones that don’t have massive upside downs compared with the previous models, but they improve the weak points. The most important one, maybe, is the one of the movement of the fingerprinters’ reader in a more comfortable place compared with the previous ones. The second one is about the camera (dual on the Galaxy S9 Plus): it is infact the first smartphone with a variable opening’s camera (f 1.5 – f 2.4).

miglior smartphone Samsung
Galaxy S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

It really costs a lot, but it is a unique device in its kind thanks to the opportunity gave by the integrated S Pen. By the way, even if you don’t mind about the pen, Note 9 remains a smartphone to seriously take in consideration. Display SuperAMOLED of 6.4” without edges, 8GB of RAM, 512 GB of expandable memory, 12 MP of camera.

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