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Yeti the first Google’s console


The videogames and consoles‘ world is ever more widespread and appreciated and is slowly getting a big market slice. Maybe it is for this reason that Google has finally decided to enter in this world launching into the marketplace its first console called Yeti.
Actually we don’t know yet if it will be a fisic console (like PS4 or Xbox One) or if Big G will choose others solutions.
Let’s try to better understand.

Streaming service

The initial idea from where Google starts to think about Yeti was to offer to the users a streaming service for videogames, like Playstation Now and GeForce Now.
The idea is to give to the videogamers a way to play many titles in streaming on virtual devices remotly.
Everything could happen trhought Chromecast or others softwares directly developed from Google to make accessible this type of service.
It would, therefor, be something very similar to a console or some mediaplayer service, but more evolved, like Nvidia Shield or Apple TV.
Anyway, it is sure that a move like that will officially signs the entrance of Google in the videogames’ world and considering the huge potential of this company, we can only remotly imagine what increasement can it give to this universe.

Mode and functions

Clarified what are Google intensions about Yeti it remains only to analize what functions of this console will be available, what will be the guaranteed services and the access’ arrangements.
Beyond of a conventional console, it only remain to considerate two hypothesis.
A first modus operandi should be to rely on a subscription service  that, through monthly payments, allows to download games and contents without limits.
It should be a model on the Xbox Game Pass style, with no-limit contents in exchange for continuos payments. As an alternative Big G could think about a model like PlayStation Now. In this case we could talk about a service that allows to play in streaming from a remote device, giving to it all the computationals baggages.
We still don’t know which strategy Google will adopte, but it is certain that this will reppresent an important step for all the videogames’ world.

What is the most likely hypothesis

Like we already said the Yeti’s relatives functions are still a mystery, because Google didn’t relaise anything about it. Analysing what we said is easily to make a rapid panoramic to understand which can be the most likely hyphotesis.
The thing that Google put into the marketplace a so heavy hardware that allows the videogames to work in local (classic console) is a very unlikely hypothesis.  Let’s say that this way to act could go in conflict whit the company’s “cloud philosophy”.
Furthermore, even a service that allows to transfer games from a mobile device to a tv, isn’t very convincing, because on the marketplace there are already numerous applications that gives this kind of service.
The thing that seems to be more reliable and probable is the model like PlayStation Now, which could incorporate all the characteristics that Big G needs to enter, in the right way, in this world.
Who knows if this will represent another important step for the company, which will allows it to become an important leader even in this sector, where the competion is massive.

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