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Digital music: news for who listens it

The digital music was born with the advent of the Mp3. Before to it we needed a device of reading for the file audio. Today we can share audio on every device easily and quickly. Even the way to enjoy the life music changed. Let’s see how.

What is the digital music?

With the word digital music we mean any musical composition converted in digital sign.

To obtain the conversion, the audio sign is taken from the microphone and transformed in an electric sign, it’s sent to a converter analogic-digital. This electronic device creates a flow of digital datas, that rebuild the original audio sign.

musica digitale
The digital music sees the music files converted from analogic to digital in a process that makes them recordable forever.

During the conversion it transforms an analogic sign in a digital one, which means even a loss of a part of the sound overtones that are in the audio sign.

The first conversations were made by the CDs Audio, that fixed the sampling to 44,1 kHz, to the file Mp3. In this process often the loss of sound quality was a bit too high. With the time the process was improved by adopting multiple frequences.

Today the file audio are recorded straight in the digital format, thanks to the advanced devices that allow to not convert the sign and to not loss a part of them in the process.

The advantage of the digital files

Why did we pass from the vinyl to the CD and then to the digital music? Because its main advantage is the possibilty to easily and quickly copy the music for a countless number of times, without alterate the sign.

This even created some problems with the copyright. To avoid the realization of the so called pirate copies, one introduced the digital formats that use specialy algorythms of cryptography, that autonomously avoid to do a not authorized copy of the file audio.

Furthermore, today, the services of streaming allow to listen all the music that we want divided per authors or genre. This partly avoid the spreading of the remastered music. 

Distant Dancefloors: the music beyond the streaming

If you love the live music, surely you are missing the concerts and the possibility to listen the digital music during festivals and events on the dancefloor.

digital music the dancefloor at home
Thanks to the events created on-line in chatroom privee we can listen live music at home.

Unfortunatelly the context of the pandemic of Covid-19 brought the music to a breakthrough. As well as the music in streaming signed the end of the Mp3 readers, that signed the end of the CD readers, today it’s possible to live the live music with on-line events where they create real dancefloors in chatrooms privee.

Live music at home: Pioneer shows you it

A documentary by Pioneer Dj which was released the last may of 2020 demonstrates what we were talking before. The live music can be listen from home.

This project is focused to show the impact of the Covid-19 on the electronic music. Infact, while the world was moving the first steps toward a “new normality”, Pioneer Dj presented its view at 360° about the economic, psycological and social impact that the disease had on the Global Club Culture.

It seemed that suddenly the music stopped. Clubs closed, concerts and festivals cancelled. Everything led us think that for a long time we weren’t able to recover the loss of the musical sector.

Through the words of many international Djs, in the documentary they analyze a reality that seemed to not have a chance without the live events and that instead they found the way to bring the music inside the houses of the people.

Platforms to enjoy the music online

Youtube is surely the first one of this list. An example of on-line concert it was the one of the U2 of the last 25th of october of the 2020. Bono and the others performed in streaming direct on the video platform during their concert to the Rose Bowl of Pasadena in California.

digital music
Digital music means even events in streaming on platforms like Youtube or LiveXLive.

The most interesting thing is that these concerts are much cheaper, because enjoyed at home. Therefore, the quality of the music is better and everyone is able to see the artists as if they are on the front row.

Apart from Youtube, that we had to mention, the best website that collects the records of the main concerts of groups and international stars to see them in streaming is LiveXLive. A website that collects important musical appointments, records of concerts, or even the most interesting behind the scenes, all for free and live.

It won’t be as if we are there, but at least the music can continue to cheer us even in the less happy moments.


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