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Net-Zero: technological projects for the Europe

Net-Zero, means zero emissions. A study tells how focused investments can speed up the innovation to fight the climate changes. This will even create millions of job positions, by creating profits for almost 800 billions of euros. Let’s discover how.

The Study Capgemini Invent

The brand of the Group Capgemini works for years in the innovation, the consultancy and the digital transformation. Last year it published the Capgemini Invent, a new report that shows a serie of technological projects that can speed up the economic recovery. How? By supporting the reachment by the Europe to the targets about the reduction of the greenhouse gases emissions fixed for the next years.

The study presents a serie of guidelines aimed for the politicians and the investors, by showing them affordable projects through the usage of Net-Zero technologies. 

What will the European countries do now?

Let’s say what they already did. After the release of the study in october of the last year, the Members of the UE started to present their national programs of recovery and resiliency. Even though this there are so many questions.

net-zero european union
After the release of the project Capgemini, the European Union started to present the plans to save the environment by using the Net-Zero technologies.

Meanwhile the report “Fit for Net-Zero” studied and analyzed the current and future technologies in 5 interconnected economic sectors. We are talking about energy, building and construction, industry, transports, grocery and land use.

The detections of the study toward the Net-Zero

The most important thing is that this study detected that the strengtheining of the politics of the EU can speed up the innovation cycle and the spreading of the clean technologies.

This will be possible thanks to the investments without solutions of continuity in the innovation cycle.

These investments are aimed to help the traditional companies to drastically increase the implementation and the commercialization of the Net-Zero technologies.

Technologies with low or zero carbon emissions, that will assist other recovery that already exists for the seed and early-stage phases.

All of it might follow a push to guarantee that the innovation with low carbon emissions can enter in the marketplace, by increasing even the activities of research and development.

Zero impact

We saw how all over the world they are working for a solution to the environmental problem to improve our life conditions.

net-zero zero carbon emissions
A solution to the carbon emissions are the Net-Zero technologies as the usage of solar energy plants.

The intention of the projects connected to the Net-Zero technology is the one to reach the carbon neutrality to arrive to reduce to zero the carbon dioxide emissions.

The state of neutro carbon can be mainly reached in two ways. The first one is to balance the carbon dioxide emissions with the carbon compensations. This compensation process of carbon provides the reduction or the prevention of the greenhouse gases emissions.

But not only, they are looking for a way to remove the carbon dioxide from the terrestrial atmosphere by compensating the emissions.

Basically if we will be able to find a way to bring the total of the greenhouse gases emitted equal to the total of the carbon dioxide avoided or removed from the atmosphere, their two will cancel each other by bringing the emissions to a neutro state.

Change the energy sources

The second system to reach the neutre state of carbon will be the one to change the energy sources and the industrial processes.

The passage to the renewable energies, like the hydroelectric, wind or solar, will reduce the greenhouse gases emissions.

net-zero renewable wind energy
The wind energy is one of the renewable energies currently most used as Net-Zero technology

Even though both the renewable energy and the not renewable one produce carbon emissions somehow, the renewable ones have a minor or zero rendition.

This means starting to think to consume even less energy and save it for what it’s really needed in the life, by producing minor carbon emissions compared to the ones of the fossil fuels.

The hardest thing is and will be to change the current industrial and farming processes. Especially the last field, the idea will be the one to arrive to Net-Zero by changing the animals diet to reduce the production of methane of the 40%.

Some companies are already working to it and they are changing their productive processes. Unfortunatelly though we are still behind compared with the increase of the proposals of usege of the renewable energies.

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