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Cashback: 5 errors to prevent

Many already started to use the cashback. But not all know that there are 5 common errors that we do when we use this system that gives you something back each purchase. Let’s them in this article.

What’s the cashback?

It was born as a website where find discounts and where we could buy products from member companies that give you back a percentage if you buy their products.

cashback save
The cashback was born as a saving method, but not only. It is a system to have money back according to your purchases.

A website cashback earns a percentage from the purchases did by its users on one of the member shops. Like we said, once did the purchase a part of the income comes back in the pocket of who bought from the website.

The user has many sources from which he can earn money with the cashback, lastly especially online, where they are encouraging a system that let you earn advantages or extra discounts by inviting friends to the website or by leaving reviews to the shops.

Usually the user has a maximum limit to reach to ask for the payment. This make mandatory the loyalty to the system and encourage new purchases in a short time.

State Cashback

Even Italy adapted itself and with the application IO created by the Ministry of the Innovation, it allows to buy through the app in a list of shops and to give you back up to 150€.

cashback and the app IO
The app IO was made between the other things by the Italian State to give the cashback to the citizens, by encouraging the commerce in a moment of economic crisis.

The first more common error is about the payment method. Let’s remember to use for the purchases the same card that you put in the app, otherwise IO won’t see the payment and it won’t put it in the list for the cashback.

It’s the first thing to remember because many payment systems has only a card both is it’s a credit card or a bancomat, which makes possible that this error will let you lose a 10% of discount.

Be careful to the number of transactions

Like we said above, in the system of the cashback are included only a tot of operations until a maximum of euros that can be given back.

In the State cashback, to obtain the bonus on our account we need to do a minimum of 10 operations up to a maximum of 50 in 6 months.

If we do less, or more, we won’t obtain the cashback. For this reason it’s important to remember to activate the counting after the registration on the application.

Let’s then remember another important element: we can receive maximum 150€ doesn’t matter how many purchases we do or their amount. Once reached the maximum, the cashback will stop.

Retailers chapter

Like we said in another article, in the case of the State cashback the salers don’t have to do nothing. They aren’t forced to subscribe to the program. If we insert our card and we do some operation with it, it will be recognised by the system. A different thing is for the tax lottery.

cashback retailers
The retailers aren’t forced to do nothing, especially in the case of the State cashback. It’s up to us to get informed and to follow the rules.

Let’s therefore remember that you can’t ask to the saler a proof for the transaction about the cashback. You will see it only on your application and the credit might be available in 72 hours from the purchase. So we must be patient.

The cashback is a double edged sword

Let’s lastly remember the last important thing: the cashback can be a double edged sword. Basically, even if under the Christam holidays who used IO received these famous 150€, to arrive to the cashback the families spent 800-1000€.

cashback double edges sword
The cashback was born as a saving source for who buys, but it encourages the commerce even for something that you don’t really need.

It is infact a system born to encourage the consumism and the commerce during an economic down and often we don’t use it consciously.

Infact, one of the thing that not all  know, is that there are many more profittable cashbacks, unless the State cashback, that can be used for the fuel or for the shopping.

It is a marketing system to improve the slice of consumers which was born with the coupons in the local supermarket. A system that then grown with the time to the cards, to then arrive today to the purchases with the credit card or through the app.

It might be useful, but we always have to remember to be careful and responsible, under every point of view.

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