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Tax lottery: is it really useful?

Would like to win an amount of money by presenting as the winner ticket a receipt? Now it’s possible with the tax lottery, the new trick of the Tax agency to get done receipts and to have a higher control on the commerce in Italy.

What’s the tax lottery?

It is an original system made by the lawer to reduce the phenomena of the tax evasion by encouraging the customers of the shops to ask for the receipts to the saler.

lotteria degli scontrini contro l'evasione fiscale
The idea of the tax lottery is the one to fight the tax evasion.

It might start the next 1st of february of the 2021 with the first winner. Officially though it isn’t decided the date yet. What to expect? The official document of the Custom and Monopoly Agency, signed by the Tax Agency.

The starting was extended by the decree Thousand extensions. Infact, at the beginning the initiative, already available with the decree recovery 2020, it might started from the month of january of the 2021.

What does the saler have to do?

Starting from the first of jaunary of the 2021, the member saler is involved in a real lottery connected with the electronic bills. These bills give to the costumers the possibility to try their luck with the Tax, by partecipating to weekly, monthly and annual lotteries.

The costumer only have to do the first step and register himself on the website lotteriadegliscontrini.gov.it to obtain a code to present at the cashier when he pays.

tax lottery website
To partecipate to the tax lottery who buys will have to log in himself to the government webiste and have a code to put in the electronic bill.

It is a free prize draw connected to the electronic bill, so the code of the costumer will have to appear on the bill to confirme the sale.

The saler will have to adapt his cashier machine to the emission of the electronic bills. In this way he will give the possibility to his customers to partecipate to the Tax Lottery and at the same time he will be controlled  by the authority constantly.

And what if the saler doesn’t want to join the tax lottery?

Each saler has to adapt the cashier to the electronic system and encourage the electronic payments for the control of the payments and the taxes. At the same way, not all the salers are forced to partecipate to the Tax Lottery.

If a customer goes there with his code to partecipate to the draw, the saler can refuse to do it. Infact, it isn’t a mandatory for who buys, but even for who sales, to partecipate to the tax lottery. There is even something more: there isn’t any fine for the saler that doesn’t want to partecipate.

The customer can report the shop or the saler that didn’t give him the possibility to partecipate. But it’s only a report that will then go to the Customs Corp that can decide to do a control.

Anyway, the buyer lost the possibility to partecipate. A possibility that won’t have the saler neither. Infact, the prizes are divided even with the shop that did the bill.

Which are the valid purchases?

To partecipate to the tax lottery we have to buy something for a value higher than a 1 euros and (remember it) electronically.

tax lottery electronic payments
The payments to partecipate to the tax lottery must be electronic and higher than 1 euro.

Now we might wonder if there is a real positive feedback for the initiative. There are many salers that will prefer to not do it because they don’t trust in the Tax Agency; and even many citizens that prefer to not try the luck and buy with cash.

Maybe the point is that there isn’t clearness on the system, but especially the little coherence about the management of the draw, becuase of the many delays.

If we’ll start to see someone win for a real, like we used to see a buyer won once a year, the 6th of january, with the ticket of the Lottery Italia, maybe we will start to believe in the Tax Lottery too.

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