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Streamyard: software for Facebook directs

Today we talk about streamyard. A platform which is able to create Facebook directs for free. A software perfect for all the ones that would like to challenge themselves and to promote their online activity and not only.

Facebook directs in the 2020

It isn’t a new that the Facebook pages give the possibility to create online directs to share with the followers. It is a system used for many years especially by pages that promote radio or tv programs.

streamyard for the facebook directs
Facebook allows to who has a page to share directs with the followers to investigate topics and to create interactions

Create a Facebook direct is a way to show the behind the scenes of a project or of a company. But there is something more. It is even a way to investigate a topic or to give the possibility to the users that follow the page to interact with it.

In the 2020, because of the pandemic which is still ongoing on the whole world, the directs on the socials became a channel to express themselves used not only by professionals, bloggers and influencers, but even by the single users.

How to do a Facebook direct

Unlike Instagram where it’s enough to have a profile to talk with the followers, on Facebook we must have a page. So to create a direct it will be enough to access to your page as administrator.

In the new interface of the famous social network you will find on the left the form to create a new post. Right under it the possibility to access to the function “Create – In direct”. By clicking on it, you will name your direct and that’s it.

So you will film your own direct, where you can show yourself to your followers. But if instead you would like to share the direct with other pages or profiles? In this case the app of Facebook won’t be enough and you will need a little help: you need streamyard.

Streamyard: the free software for your directs

And here you have the topic of the day. The software streamyard is what you need if you would like to share your Facebook direct with other pages or users of the social easily and for free.

streamyard interface
Streamyard has an interface very easy to use.

You don’t have to download any app. It will be enough to access to the website streamyard.com, to put your name (which is the user name that the viewers of the direct will see) or your page one and to enter in the broadcast studio with a click.

The application allows you even to do some audio and video tests before to start, or to put a background screen if you don’t like the environment where you are.

Once switched on the video screenshot, it will be enough to follow the settings under the camera. Before to push “Go, Live!” on the top on the right you will be able to invite some Facebook users to partecipate thanks to the icones under the camera where streamyard allows you to add up to 6 users.

Why should we choose Streamyard?

First of all because, like we said, it’s free. There is even the possibility to have a pro version with some extra functions, but the free version already gives all you need to create quality directs to share.

The second interesting aspect is that the directs can be recorded and shared afterward on the social. This characteristic is very important because very often the topics of the directs are explainations for social experts.

Many professionals, especially in the wellness sector, use the directs to interact with the customers and the record is very useful to keep the focus on the work made with the professional.

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