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3D printing: the best printers

The 3D printer was born in Berlin and its revolutionary goal was to allow to print drawings in 3 dimensions to make them touchable. Nowdays there are different versions, some of them are accessible to all. Let’s see together the best 3d printers.

How to print in 3D

The 3D print is an additive technology which allow to realize an object layer by layer. It starts directly from a 3D CAD model and there are different existing technologies. the main differences are about the way they print each layer.

printing interesting materials in 3D
Ci sono moltissimi oggetti che si possono stampare in 3D, tutti creati con polimeri complessi o materiali riciclati

Some methods use materials that blends, synthesize, or soften with the heat to produce the layer. Other methods put liquid materials which are hardened with different technologies. Printing in 3D is now very easy.

The best 3D printers

We can name 3 of them, some more professional, some of them cheaper and accessible to all the people who want to use it at home.

The first that we consider is the Anycubic Photon. Printing in 3D it’s easier than ever with this device which is perfect for people who are at the beginning and use the resin. It has a solid design and it is very well built.

It is relatively cheap compared to its competitors that print in resin. Unfortunately compared to the DLP printers (Digital Light Processing) which use an UV projector to modeleach layer of resin, in the case of the Anycubic Photon we have a XY resolution of 2560*1440 pixel and a printer volume of 115x65x155 millimetres. For those who are familiar with this numbers it is not the best device, but it allows to make a good quality prints.

Geeetech Prusa I3 Pro B

To print in 3D with the Greetech Prusa I3 Pro B a pdf file is used allowing to manage the building phases, and so on. Linked the this printer there are some online videos available supporting its usage.This video are necessary to use the printer correctly without committing errors.

It is a model for professionals: in fact the correct mounting or the calibration needs precision and some working hours. Anyway the results are extremely rewarding and they justify the longer mounting than usual.

The objects created with this printer are impressive: they have a quality equal to the one of the more expensive and more professional printers, even if the creation time is much longer.

3D printing with the Flashforge creator Pro

This 3D printer is a monster between the professional equipments. It is not between the cheapest one, but if you are a professional in the project sector it is the ideal equipment to print in 3D.

Closed Design, essential for the ABS print, that in the sector it is the one notoriously more problematic, even if it is the most advantageous. The ABS infact is a heat-resistant filament with fantastic processing options. For this reason it is the preferred one for architects and enginers; The material needs a perfectly leveled print bed.

printing in 3D plan surface for ABS
Per Stampare in 3D è importante avere un piano di lavoro perfettamente piano, soprattutto se si una l’ABS come materiale

La Flashforge creator Pro has a plan print surface area, allowing a more constant and regular temperature print during the wholw processor of creation. The idea is to avoid the detachment of the platform’s piece of production.

Even if it looks perfect, the printer has some defects. An example is the design development’s imperfections. Also, it request some personal intervention of customization to give you the requested satisfactions.

How does it stamp? Very good: perfect particulars, no needs of intervention and refines.For the material modeling lovers, sculpture this is the best object. It is the most suitable one because allows to work with a ductile material that can be modified as soon as  sto è l’oggetto adatto perché permette di lavorare con un materiale duttile che può essere modificato appena “sfornato”.

3D printer, an objest for creative people

What did we understand looking at the proposals of the market regarding 3D printing? These printers are tools for creative people or that people working in the projecting environment

printing creative objects in 3D
Un esempio di oggetti creativi da stampare in 3D sono i portachiavi.

useful for architects, surveyors and engeneers,the 3D printers are perfect machinesfor who want to start to create tools or contemporary .

If you are creative and you want to try to work with different materials it is now the moment to print in 3D and find another way to express.

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