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The quantum super computer by Honeywell

The quantum computers can infact elaborate the datas in a fraction of the speed of the normal computers

The tell of the creation of the quantum super computer of Honeywell could go down in the history of the technology like the one of a modern Cinderella. 

Honeywell, an american company founded in Indiana at the beginning of the last century, grow up by producing thermostats and it arrived in the 2020 to the creation of a quantum  supercomputer that in the envy of the Google and IBM ones.

If you want something done, do it yourself

Like clairly claimed on their website:

Why wait for the future, when you can create it?

This what the managers of Honeywell said to themselves 10 years ago, when the project of the quantum super computer was launched.

Starting to be experts in the production of thermostats, Honeywell improved its competence areas in the sector of the nuclear, aerospace and defence, by passing from the construction technologies and without leave not even the cars industry

So, in the years Honeywell demonstrated to not fear and to be able to be a competitive company in the most various technological sectors. 

The quantum super computer, a secret wish

But this wasn’t enough! To crown the successes of this small company is arrived in the 2020 the quantum super computer. 

Honeywell put together a team of experts of the many sectors covered by its business and it sided for the creation of its own supercomputer. 

The key to the success, lives though right in its original most famous product: the thermostats

Keep a cool head

The quantum computer infact can elaborate datas in a fraction of the speed of the normali computers, by allowing them to test more solutions for a problem at once.  

This skill must be though supported by trying to avoid the overheating of the supercomputer and so, consequentially, by the help of the cryogenic systems efficient and of the thermostats able to keep the perfect temperature conditions for the functioning of the supercomputer. 

Super computer quantistico
The quantum computers can elaborate the datas

Google and IBM, jealous stepsisters?

The competition for the “quantum supremacy”, which is the supremacy in the quantum technology field, is fierce.   

Last year, Google raised enthusiasm and polemics by claiming its “quantum supremacy” with a computer that, like it said, could solve a calculation in few seconds, that a traditional computer needs thousand years to do it. 

IBM rejected the claim of Google, that didn’t share the measurements of the quantum parameters about its computer, and it even recentelly opened the debat with the claim tha one of its supercomputer reached a quantum volume of 32. 

By comparison, the computer of Honeywell will have a quantum volume of 64 that the company would like to double every year. 

Super computer quantistico
The competition for the “quantum supremacy”, which is the supremacy in the quantum technology field, is fierce.

Mastermind for rent

Besides obviusly to catch the attention on itself, the project of the quantum super computer of Honeywell opened the door to many potentially cooperation. 

Even if at the beginning Honeywell started the project of the quantum super computer to increase and to speed up its own projects, the possibility to use the supercomputer resulted interesting for many other companies.

Honeywell infact gives the possibility to rent the calculation power of the supercomputer to other companies, by allowing to customers to send the calculations to do through the platform Azure cloud of Microsoft (MSFT).

#futureshaper, the future doesn’t wait

From the financial to the development of new pharma products, the possible applications covered by the skills of the quantum super computer are very many and interesting. With its hashtag #futureshaper, creators of the future, Honeywell seems to not leave any doubt: Cinderella will hold a candle!

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