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IBM Think Digital Summit

IBM Think Digital Summit

IBM Think Digital Summit of this year took place the last 18th of June of the 2020, online, obviusly. During the summit they talk about research, development, technology and digital. They should talk about how the future will be, but the Think Digital Summit of this year took place in the middle of a pandemic and the future that we are planning now is completely different than the one thought only few months ago.

The development of the summit

L’IBM Think Digital Summit took place in three sessions: the first one was about Resilency & Cloud, the second one about Security and the third one about Remote Workforce & Smartworking.

IBM Think Digital Summit

They tryed to focus the debats, obviusly, on about the technology, and the digital and innovation world can create a perfect future, post pandemic.

In total the event counted 2200 members and it recorded almost 21 million of twitter impression. It was a strategic and very current summit, essential to help the companies to survive to the crise and to the world to restart to live. For this reason the summit is still available on the website.

There were many people that took part to the event, starting from Enrico Cereda, President and AD of IBM Italia, to Alessandro Foti, AD and General Director of FinecoBank. Then appeared the stylist Brunello Cucinelli, the Minister to the Technological Innovation and Digitalization, Paola Misano, and the Minister to the Economic Development, Stefano Patuanelli.

From the economist Carlo Cottarelli to the Director of the Luiss Business School, Paolo Boccardelli. From the Director of the Informative Systems of the University La Sapienza in Rome, Raffaella Iovine, to the Central Director for the Digital Organization of INAIL, Stefano Tommasini.

A new future

Like we said the IBM Think Digital Summit of this year took place during a very particular period, in the middle of a pandemic, and the technological innovations and the usages of the digital that we need now are completely different than the ones thought few months ago.

IBM Think Digital Summit
IBM Think Digital Summit

“Suddenly everything changed: needs, choices, investments. The new paradigm of the IBM technology drives the choices of the people, of the companies to put the basement of a solid and sustainable economic recovery. Think Digital Summit: the last technologies to face the quick changes that brought to a “new normality”.

“The Coronavirus changed the habits of all. In few weeks, the invisible enemy has crept in every section of the common life and in the economical, financial and social global field. Now that everything is slowing restarting, it remains the awareness that many things won’t be like before anymore. We need so to think to a new world. To find ways and models, solutions and technologies to face the new scenarios started by the emergency and to anticipate the ones that will arrive in the different industrial sectors”.

The sessions of the IBM Think Digital Summit

Resilency & Cloud

The topic of the first session of the Think Digital Summit is Resilency & Cloud, “Agility Efficiency and Resilency enhance the paradigm Cloud”.

The companies can improve their flexibility and resilency by relying the new technologies. To do it we need to review and to rearrange all the processes. In the summit they talked about the Hybrid Cloud, about the platforms Red Hat, about the easiness to access to all the resources thanks to the Cloud and about the business platform of the future.


Security, not only Cybersecurity, it’s about it that they talked in the second session of the IBM Think Digital Summit. In the hard process of the digitalization the biggest challenge of all the companies is about the security, this year more than ever.

They talked, infact, about how the Covid -19 is, even, a big challenge for the informatic security.

Remote Workforce & Smartworking

What is more current of the remote workforce and of the smartworking? During the third session they talked about skills, productivity, engagement and support infrastructures. They talked about the advantages of the remote workforce for the companies and about how in the support to the employees in smartworking the digital assistants and the artificial intelligence are essential.

IBM Think Digital Summit
Smartworking and remote workforce

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