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Find a parking with the “Internet of things”

One of the things that probably you didn’t miss during the lockdown, is the stress to find a car parking, but how do you feel if there was a technology, called Internet of things, able to help you?

What is the “Internet of things” and how does it work?

The Internet of things (IoT) is a technology that will soon fully change our lifestyle. It is a serie of chip and sensors that collect datas (big data) about our daily habits, while a software transforms them in smart data, which are informations that can make our life easier, according to our needs and liking.

The sectors that can be managed through this technology are many like for example:

The management of the house

This sector is very similar to the Domotic, but it manages our liking in a more customized and clever way.

Acts that are part of our daily life like for example the temperature that you prefer, the lights that you like to relax in the evening, at what time you switch on the washing machine and so many other little informations are recorded and automated to make the house environment perfect for our needs.

The health

In this sector there are all the devices that support our wellness and health condition. For example, the system can suggest that it’s time to relax or to do a bit of sport and why not, it can even remember you the pills that you always forgot!

The safety and the transports

This sector includes the management of the informations about the traffic, in case you move with the car, or, in case you use the public transport, the informations are about the arrival and the departure of the transports and the smart management of the ticket.

internet of things
IoT allows a clever usage of the resources according to the datas collected

Even in the company sector the applications are many and they are about a smart usage of the resources.

Both if it’s about to save energy to protect the environment or to make great the work conditions to stimulate the productivity, the Internet of things works for the company and for the economy.

Internet Of Things and mobility

But let’s come back to the main problem: after a long lockdown, you finally earned the opportunity to do some recreational activity.

If you would like to go to the park, to the sea or just to the mall, you must arrive before all the others, to defend your meter and half of social distancing.

Only an obstacle there is between you and the destination: the car parking!

internet of things
To find parking with the “Internet of things”

It’s the moment to activate the Narrow Band-IoT: the new frontier of communication between devices that use technologies of Internet of things which is able to transfer informations on the network 4G.

NB-IoT is considered an eveolution of the standard Long Term Evolution (LTE), which is a broadband wireless technology made to satisfy the ever more complicated needs of communication.

The characteristics of the systems that use the NB-IoT are very interesting for complex industrial and urban environments, like right a car parking, because they give the possibility to pass the physical obstacles (dumpster, walls, boxes) and they are able to find out a larger number of devices connected. 

Futuristic technology or future of the technology?

Internet of things is already a reality in many European countries, like Holland. Italy is currently preparing everything for the entrance of this technology with on site studies made in the suburb of Verona, where some car parkings were equipped with antennas that communicate with sensors inside the asphalt through the protocol NB-IoT.

It’s right the company Intercomp, italian proud, to claim the planning and the production of management softwares, mobile apps and sensors that allow to manage these technologies.

Safety and privacy, the real challenge

We must talk about the attention for the respect of the rules about the health of the user. All the devices infact must correctly use the radio-spectrum, they don’t have to emit an excessive noise and they don’t have to be too much sensitive to the interferences of other instruments.

Even the safety protection of the user from the electric and electromagnetic waves is very important.

Furthermore, the development of the IoT encourages the companies to protect the privacy. One of the musts infact is that the collection of the informations about the customers must be transparent and with their agreement. 

Even the adoption of the bests practicals about the safety of the datas is one of the priorities of the companies that will decide to partecipate to the IoT adventure.

Those are all big challenges that, if accepted, they will be able to show the power of the italian technological sector.

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