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Journey to the Savage Planet

An image of Journey to the Savage Planet

Journey to the Savage Planet is a happy and funny game, perfect for the science-fiction fans, read the Urania books and loved cartoons like Futurama.

A carefree title, which is able to let us mind off and smile thanks to a travel to an unknown planet. Released by 505 Games it’s the debut videogame of Typhoon Studios.

The story of Journey to the Savage Planet

You are an astronaut of the program Pioneer sent in the space and you have to explore a planet ARY-26 which is still unknown, your topic is the one to discover if it suitable to host the human life. You will have to find out and catalogue the flora and fauna that you will met, by being able to not die.

Infact beside to solve environmental riddles, you will have even to fight against strange animals that inhabitate the planet: ball birds, star turkeys and so on.

In reality you aren’t an expert in this and you aren’t a modern MacGyver neither, unfortunatelly. Infact once arrived the spaceship breaks and your mission will be the one to repair it to come back safely at home.

In Journey to the Savage Planet you were send to the planet ARY-26 without the crew, that though can be made there thanks to a phantom 3D printer and to the garbage found among the street. Furthermore on the spaceship there is a cloning system, reliable at the 99%, which means that you can come back to life, but not exactly like you were before (at least that’s what the instructions say).

Journey to the Savage Planet
An image of Journey to the Savage Planet

But you might not think that the research of the replacement pieces is boring. While you will walk through these unknown places, by trying to repair the spaceship, it’s extremely suggested to go on with the cataloguing of the flora and fauna, by making so even some experiments. So, while you will try blow up the ball birds while flying, you will breath hallucinogen pollen or jump on a strange gummy slime.

That’s not all, in Journey to the Savage Planet you will be even helped by hilarious motivational messages, straight sent by the ceo of the corporation that organized the mission. And don’t think to run away from the 50’s advertising that promote the Grob. A purple slop that remembers the soylent green of the movie 2022: the Survivors, even if you are far away from home and you are forced to see them anyway.

Many are the mini goals to pass to do the final project to safely come back home. On the map there are even many secret areas that open likewise areas of game.


Maybe the limit of Journey to the Savage Planet is right the one to want to be funny at any cost. Developing a little less the gameplay, it results a shallow game.

Journey to the Savage Planet
Let’s do any experiment on the animals met and on the fauna

Infact the title runs fast and it very surprises, especially on the long time. The thing though is that it’s able to let us smile and to let us pass moments of relax. The trend is that a some point we will look for the next gag unless than going on with the story of the game.

With the cooperation mode of Journey to the Savage Planet fortunatelly the experience become much more varied. We might so be able to host a friend or to be hosted inside his mission. The level of the coop mode is due to the progression of the game of the hosting figure.

Even if it’s a modest game, Journey to the Savage Planet was able to conquer Google that bought it to add it in the titles of Stadia.

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