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Creative Assembly the first impressions about the Total War serie

Creative Assembly - Total War 3 - Kingdoms

It’s almost time for the release of the new chapter of the saga of the Total War, startegic games by the british company Creative Assembly which revolutionized the gender, about what are we talking about?

Let’s go slowly and let’s analyse the history of this saga.

Creative Assembly: a short story

Born in the 1987 in the West Sussex, in the 2005 it’s been absorbed by the videogames’ big Sega, father of Sonic and other massive brands. The C.A. (the production company) produced many successful videogames’ series, between theme there are: Alien; Halo Wars and Total War.

Logo of the Creative Assembly, the creator of Total War
Logo of the Creative Assembly, the creator of Total War

Total War, the birth of a masterpiece

It was the remote 2000, when the C.A. decided to launch on the marketplace a product which had the purpose to shake up the whole videogames’ panorama about the strategical gender, until that moment ruled by titles like Command and Conquer, Age of Empires, Warcraft and Starcraft created by the Blizzard.

Shogun: Total War soon amazed the gamers with a deepth, prompt and easy to understand style.

Shogun and Medieval: the dawn of the saga

It was born like a mix between the already mentioned strategical games and the titles by Paradox (like Europa Universalis), Shogun and Medieval Total War proposed historical environments (Period Sengoku for Shogun and the occidental world for the second title) where the gamers often took different sides, making them unique and unmatchable.

Another characteristic that made them different compared with the competitors was the fact that the units saw on the screen could reach the thousand of units.

The beginning of all

Rome Total War, the big breakthrough

But it was with the title released in the 2004, placed in the ancient Rome that the Creative Assembly obtained the definitive success. A huge and tridimensional map, an improved and convincing (for that time) diplomacy, units’ models much more accurate and a campaign with a serie of events that could change the war or a social topic. Everything then was improved with the following chapters.

The big breakthrough

The titles that came after Rome, which are Medieval II, Empire, Napoleon and Rome II made the core around which took shape every other strategical title by SEGA / Creative Assembly.

The introduction of the DLC‘s system, the creation of the public order’s system, the troops’ reinforce and their feeding through many factors, made the saga really intriguing and after some problems that they had with the title Attila: Total War, the series was renewaded with two fantasy titles, the ones dedicated to Warhammer.

The three most inconic titles

The Fantasy moment

The Creative Assembly in the 2016 had the final push to enter in the olympus of the producer companies. After signed a ten years contract with the table games company “Games Workshop“, the british software house made two masterpieces that improved much more the serie, which are the two chapeters of “Total War: Warhammer“, which added many elements to the role playing games.

Those two chapters allowed to improve the fans of the serie, by making the Total Wars a global phenomenon.

Warhammer and the fantasy war

The future is called Three Kingdoms.

After the awful episode titled “Throne of Britannia“, the C.A. decided to work on it and correct the gameplay’s errors of the last title, looking for the “redemption” with their last masterpiece, which could really make the difference and bring back to the top the West Sussex’ company.

Total War: Three Kingdoms” will bring us into the medieval China, in a period filled with intrigues and conspiracies. The C.A. promised us a bunch of news, between which:

  • An improved diplomacy which will allow much more intrigues and backstabbings (like what we saw with the High Elven in Warhammer 2).
  • An improved general’s system took from “Thrones of Britannia“, which will be much less random (in Britannia often the generals rebelled without reason).
  • A troops’ recruitment system took from “Thrones of Britannia“, making it much more connected with the generals (what we already saw in the titles Warhammer).
  • An improved graphic and a lighter engine compared with the one of Warhammer 2 (which is considered one of the heaviest in the videogames’ world).
  • A serie of events that will leave the gamer without words.


Total War: Three Kingdoms” is an extremely interesting product, which will be released the 23rd of this month. The expectations are high and I’m sure that the C.A. won’t disappoint us again.

The new C.A title
The new C.A title

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