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The first ecological ship that crosses the ocean

ecologic ship

In every sector, through the technological progress, we are trying to save energy and natural resources following the respect for the environment. The fossil fuels are been one of the main affliction for the environmentalists, because of the consequent dangerous levels of pollution all over the world. Besides that for the cars, the fossil fuels are ever more used in the carriage via sea, contributing so to the oceans’ pollution. Rather like the introduction of the electric car, in our oceans is surfing a revolutionary ship: the ecologic ship Energy Observer.

What is different in this cruise ship?

It is borns a cruise ship designed by Victorien Erussard called Energy Observer which has drawn the attention of the world. The popularity of this cruise ship isn’t for its luxury or its size, isn’t for the ticket’s prices or its services aboard.

Its peculiarity its the functioning. The ship uses not one, but more than one renewable sources. It is fuelled by solar energy, hydrogen, wind energy and water power, the ecologic ship will spend six years for a demonstrative crossing of the whole planet.

The Energy Observer will be in tournée all over the world for six years and it will land in fifty different countries, even Italy. The whole Earth’s circumnavigation is a test of its self-sustenance, fully focused on renewable energetic sources without the usage of any fossil fuel.

The ecologic ship avoid the ions and the salt from the oceans’ water to divide them in hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen obtained will be stored until they will need to use it as fuel.

Besides the supply’s system of hydrogen as fuel’s source, the ship has even a system of wind turbines and solar panels which produce further energy.

 nave ecologica
The Energy Observer in Venezia

The Odyssey for the future

“Victorien has the youthfulness and the spontaneity of a teenager, melted with the intuition of a experience’s man. What surprised me, the first time that I met him, is that he doesn’t seem to be scared of nothing.”

Nicolas Hulot, State’s minister

The ecologic ship skirts even Italy: it was already in Venice that was an essential stop of the cruise ship.

We dreamed to come in Venice. The Dogi’s city is a symbolic stop of our Odyssey for the future, we are proud to run for almost 7.000 miles only with renewable energies and hydrogen to reach this city, on which there are many environmental threats”, said Victorien Erussard.

In the web we just have to write the hashtag #EOdyssey, which means “the Odyssey of the Energy Observer”, and we can understand how much it is supported and popular this new ecologic cruise ship.

 nave ecologica
operation of the ecologic ship

A scientific process in harmony with the nature

Five years ago, the research of an ecologic fuel, pushed Victorien Erussard to elaborate a concept that today is a revolutionary event.

Even in this exactly moment, the ship is crossing the world’s oceans by using renewable energies, not dangerous for the environment and the humans. With the project Energy Observer is possible to do the whole planet trip just with wind energy, with the waves energy, the solar one and the oceanic water one.

The ecologic ship already did more than 8.000 miles since the beginning of its oceanic trip. The ship, therefore, has a light and soundproof structure. The Odyssey of the Energy Observer is a technologic experiment full of hope, in case it will be a success, this world’s trip could answer to many question and could solve prompt environmental problems.

“The ecologic ship has to be seen as a promise for a better world. Through this exclusive Odyssey, we want to let dream, to raise awareness, to demonstrate that the human beings can live in harmony with the nature and that the war against the global warming can open the doors to a new economic growth”.

Jérôme Delafosse, leader of the expedition Energy Observer

 nave ecologica
Energy Observer

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