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Whatsapp Business: everything it’s up to the bot

WhatsApp Business

The instant messaging, it has become clear to everyone, reppresent, without any dubth, the new commerce’s frontier. Especially Whatsapp, which we could define the progenitor of all the others apps of this type, saw an increase absolutly exponential, with thousand and thousand of users in the whole world.
It isn’t a mystery, infact, that the developers are already talking about Whatsapp Business, a new platform with very particular characteristics.
Let’s try to find out more.

What it is

Whatsapp Business, like the name suggest is a very innovative platform dedicated especially to the small and medium companies.
In Italy this kind of platform is already available, but actualy it can be downloaded only by the Android’s users.
The functioning is very easy: every company has now the possibility to open a business account on Whatsapp, enabling the potential customers to easily find out usefull informations about the services offered, the kind of the activity, the address, the web site, etc. 

The developers thought about the idea after some “surveys” that allow to get interesting statistics. Even before the business version, infact, the 69% of the small companies said that they could better comunicate through Whatsapp and the 52% said that this app helped them to grow from a commercial standpoint.
The business version, therefore, will make available many services like a rapid messenger to answer to the frequently asked questions and focused messages to present the company.

Chatbot and..SMS

About the so-called automatic answers, we have to do a little clarification because they will probably be one of the predominat elements in this new version of Whatsapp.  Let’s speak especially about chatbot, which can produce specific answers for two specif purposes:

  • Answer to questions: through an analysis of the frequented asked questions made by the users about specific arguments, they have been developed appropriate answers.
  • Describe a service/offer: the chatbot can be used to show informations about its own company and describe products, services and the activity in general.

There is even a curiosity about the usage of SMS. It seems, infact, even if we are going toward bots ever more effective and precise, the usage of the SMS in the area of trade is very succesfull.
The researchers of “Politecnico di Milano”, infact, said that the SMSs are a resource rapidly growning. For the experts, the reasons are that now the users aren’t used to receive it and, for this, the commercial ones are more noticed.

Future developments

Like we already said, even if it didn’t have yet an important success, Whatsapp Business is a platform destined to an exponential growth, because of its incredible potentials.
Especially it is usefull to speak about what may be the future usages, by taking as an example another incredible spread platform: We Chat.
We Chat is a messenger’s chat that, especially in China, has thousands users daily connected. It started as an instant messaging chat too and it was slowly changed into a business instrument. 
The users, infact, mostly use it for financial transactions. On the app it is possible to share money between the users through the peer to peer system, but we can do even other type of transactions, like bills payment, bus or train tickets, fines and penalities payments, shopping online, restaurants payments and plenty more.
It is very probable that the Whatsapp’s target is to get the same results, it only remain to see how much this will change the original form of the application that all of us appreciate.

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