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Remote-controlled drones: which to choose

Are you fans of the flying technology? Well, so let’s discover together which remote-controlled drones you can choose to take a picture of the landscape or even to only film your house from above.

What are the remote-controlled drones?

Basically they are robots. They are flying appliances that don’t have a pilot because they are drove from remote. They have an onboard computer that answers to a remote controller.

They are classified as remote driving systems (SAPR) and they represent the technological evolution of the remote-controlled airplanes.

In reality they are something very sophisticated. They are objects very technologically advanced that can be used in many professional contexts and on the long distances.

Their structure

Mostly, these flying objects have all a small engine inside which has the ability to raise from the ground a consolle, which can be equipped with a camera or a video camera.

They fly in open spaces and they allow us to make many kinds of actions, first of all we can do flat lay pictures or bring small carries. They are even used for high definition videos, especially for the video surveillance.

The thing to remember is that they all follow the same rules and the same proceeding of the airplanes with pilot. So in many environments they cannot be used and it’s good to know the law matter about them to not be fined.

remote controlled drones picture
The remote controlled drones have an internal battery that supplies the engine to move the propellers.

But let’s talking about the structure again, usually the remote-controlled drones are realized with very light materials, so to let them fly without any problem. Inside them there is a battery that supplies the engine of which we were talking before, that allows the propellers to move and to it to have the needed force to fly.

There are many kinds of them. Each one has a precise purpose. Today we see three kinds of them to buy to have fun.

Consumer remote-controlled drones

Thet are even called “not commercial” drones or “common use”. They are remote-controlled drones which were born for the consumer marketplace, they are often used only to make short videos or for the entertainment.

They are mainly used during events or faires, or during meetings, to entertain the audience or to make some pictures.

They are very easy to drive. Maybe that’s the reason why they are considered mostly an electronic toy by the experts of this sector.

And the reason why they don’t have a lot of success on the marketplace. Even though they are affordable about the price and very easy to use, the pilots are ever more refining the flying technique. So these flying objects are becoming obsolete.

Professional drones

The second category is the one of the professional remote-controlled drones. Mush more powerful systems then the previous ones and even bigger.

They have characteristics and technological funcions much more advanced. Their battery was born to stay longer and they can fly for more time. They are studied to make important travels, with resistances even to bumps in dangerous and impervious areas.

They are the drones used to carry boxes and objects, even of important size and weight. They carry, for example, professional cameras for cinematographic shootings, documentaries and concerts. But not only, they are even used by the army to check the war zones.

Remote controlled drones with cameras

In this category there are both the consumer remote controlled drones and the professional ones.

The point is that the drone is ever more used to take pictures and breathtaking videos. Obviusly according to the kind of drone and the range of price, you can have different kind of cameras.

remote controlled drones video
Some of the remote controlled drones can have a camera for the picture and the videos in air mode.

Between the most advanced drones with camera there are ones with the function FPV. The First Person View allows the pilots to see in realtime the pictures took or the videos did by the camera on the drone.

How to choose a drone

If after you read the previous paragraphs you are thinking to buy one of these flying objects, here you have some suggests to understand how to choose the perfect one for you.

First of all you might consider their technical characteristics of functioning and construction. The first thing to check is the size and the weight, according to the usage that you have to do of it.

Like we saw, there are then remote controlled drones that have different flying abilities. In this case you might consider your “ambitious” and needs, but even the laws about which we were talking before. In some places we cannot use the drones for important environmental laws.

Then you might thing about the fly autonomy that you need and choose a drone with the right battery. The consumers, for example, have a battery that lasts about 30 minutes. The professional ones arrive even to a hour.

About this it’s even important to consider even the support for the drones with camera. We suggest the drones with the support of stabilizatin which make the picture cleaner and steady. You will surely need a professional drone; that are often equipped with an advanced system called Gimbal. This system keeps the camera stuck on its board even if you make tricks and flips.

And about it: not all the remote controlled drones can do important tricks while flying. If your idea is the one to have a drone that can flips in the air, so let’s go straigh on a professional one.

Lastly, let’s remember that if you will use your drone to take pictures or videos it must be equipped with a great GPS and LED lights that will allow you to continue to control it while flying and to land away from you.

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