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Smart videosurveillance

The systems of smart videosurveillance are now evolved as well as all the other technological devices. They don’t only film and record the images, often they do much more even by harming the privacy.

Smart videosurveillance and its invasive effects

These systems were born to keep under control houses, offices and companies. But often they can determinate invasive effects on the filmed people and harm their privacy.

smart videosurveillance to protect
The systems of smart videosurveillance were born to protect, but often they do too much.

Between the many functions that the systems of smart videosurveillance have softwares that allow the comparison of the images and the biometric datas.

They can recognise the faces and autonomously record the behaviours or other strange events that occur in the filmed space. This kind of system is called motion detection.

Under this point of view is understandable that it’s changed even the legal matter about the privacy.

Often these systems go far away from the safety of the people. It seems that some companies use the videosurveillance to check the behaviour.

The integrated systems

Some systems of smart videosurveillance act in cooperation with other integrated systems. What do they do? They connect between different subject – public and private – the cameras.

smart videosurveillance integrated systems
The integrated systems are systems of smart videosurveillance focused on having the control on specific situations. For the privacy protection, they are protected by an authority.

For all of those systems is anyway a mandatory the prior check of the privacy authority. The processing of personal datas about an activity of videosurveillance must be done by following the rules ordered by the Authority.

It will decide if it will be possible to use the integrated systems without harming the rights and the essential freedom of the citizen.

Processing of the personal datas and actions of the privacy authority

It is a fine line besides which, using the systems means to harm the dignity of the people, according to the datas or the effects that the usage of the recorded datas can determine.

The authority exists to protect all of it and to guarantee that the datas are used only in specific cases, by considering the context and the meaning.

Kinds of smart videosurveillance

We already talked about the integrated systems and the motion detection. Now let’s see other kinds of smart videosurveillance, like the speed dome cameras.

smart videosurveillance cameras speed home
The speed dome cameras are one of the most used systems of smart videosurveillance where it’s needed to cover a very large area.

It is a kind of tracking cameras that do a panoramic scan of the area. Thanks to the mode of video-analysis, in case of breach, they all look on that direction to follow and to record the event.

There are then systems that have the function of object classification, which means that they distinguish, inside the image, people, vehicles, animals and other objects that aren’t part of the structure of the scene.

Together to the ones just mentioned there are then systems of videosurveillance single-multi tripwire event detection and the ones enter-exit event detection.

The first one allow to releave if someone passes a virtual line inside the view field of the camera.

The second ones instead are able to releave the moment when a kind of object enter or exit from the area.

The evolution helps humans

From what we saw there are different opinions aboout the usage of these systems of smart videosurveillance.

From the technical point of view, the function of many of the ones described can discriminate different kinds of event, by generating alarm messages only in case there is a real break-in.

The action of control of these systems often unless to protect the user put it in a condition of control that let him feeling supervised. Let’s hope that the continous evolution of these systems will bring them to help the humans and not to let him feeling slave.

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