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Smart cars: properties and threats

Do you know what the smart cars are? They are automous driving cars, that say us when we are in danger, or that say us the best way to reach our destination. Let’s find out their properties and some threats.

Smart cars: how to recognise them

The sector of the Smart Car and Connected Car is growing and it’s carrying the whole cars’ marketplace. The number of the vehicles with IoT technology is growing and with the it the car lovers that want to buy ever more connected cars and hybrid concept.

auto intelligenti smart
The smart cars arrive. Slowly the car is becoming our ally on the road, not anymore only a vehicle

The smart cars are cars that have the possibility to communicate in realtime informations to the driver. But not only, they can even connect with the other smart vehicles and with the surrounding infrastructures to reveale some accidents.

This therefore encourage the birth of new systems and ensurance models – less expensive – and informations about the viability.

It’s clear that they aren’t simple vehicles, but real systems of safety, that allow to simplify the work of the driver and to improve the road safety and to reduce the fuel.

Even though it, it’s still an experimental sector, especially if we are talking about autonomus drive, which isn’t only positive yet.

Characteristics of the smart cars

The positive trend of this marketplace is mainly focused on the diversification of the services offered thanks to the connectivity of the cars and to the integration of the drive assistance systems (ADAS). There is then the integration of the smart speakers inside all the cars even with the base version to make the drive safer.

About the first mentioned characteristic we can say that the smart cars producers are focusing on the connectivity, by including the maintenance of the vehicle with the sale of these cars, which is focused on checking the components.

Therefore, the idea is the one to put systems of management integrated of the vehicle with the temperature regulation from remote or some smart suggests made by the car itself to reduce the fuel consumption according to the drive mode of the vehicle.

Some of these smart cars might even have the possibility to book the restaurant for you. How? By saying to the smart speaker what we would like to eat. So the car will look for the place, by checking the opened restaurants around you. With a simple vocal command it will book the place for you. Easy isn’t?

Smart Car and Smart Speaker

We talked about the vocal assistants. They are already moving the whole IoT sector: the diffusion of Alexa and Google Home demonstrate it. In the cars they will allow the users to interact with the vehicle with the voice.

Already now many cars of new generation have the function bluetooth to make calls or set the nav. Soon they will allow to command the car only with the voice. It’s like when you say to Alexa to switch on the bedroom lights or to switch on the television on the channel 5.

smart cars echo
Echo Auto is the current answer to the vocal command to manage the drive at 360°. A system by Amazon.

Amazon is on the top in it because it gave to its users Echo Auto, which can be bought and integrated on your car. Obviusly it isn’t available in all the countries yet, but it is the perfect device to vocally interact with your car.

Driver assistance ADAS

Another element of the smart cars is about the autonomous drive. Between the innovations on which they are working, infact, there is the possibility to leave the car drives by itself thanks to the system of driver assistance ADAS.

They are systems that allow to send alarms in case another vehicle is getting closer by checking and optimazing the speed. An evolution of the cruise controll to which it’s added the emergency braking and the checking of the presence of other vehicles.

smart cars
The smart cars are focusing to save the fuel and to pollute less. But they drive by themselves, how is the one that really has the control of the car?

About the economic and energy saving or about the road safety it seems that the driver will have a drive without risks. How much this innovation affect the risk though? If we get used to leave the car drives by itself, will we lost the road control? We will discover it when these systems will be tested in the cars’ marketplace, for now it only remains to wait and to dream the perfect car, that maybe will even make a coffee for us.

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