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The news to the CES 2021

CES 2021

Like every year the CES in Las Vegas shows us all the ultra technological news arriving in our homes. This year, because of pandemic, the event took place online, from the 11st to the 14th of january of the 2021. Let’s find out together all the news to the CES 2021.

CES 2021: the first one fully digital

Maybe for the Consumer Electronic Show approaching in this way to the digital isn’t something such negative. What better way, otherwise, to present the biggest technological innovations in digital. To the event partecipates, like always, the most important hi-tech companies of the world: Samsung, LG, Sony, and up to 1900 exhibitors from all over the world.

CES 2021
The first CES fully in digital

Like always the CES presents the technological news that promise to improve all the aspects of our life, for a better future. This year at the center of the spotlight there were the 5G, the foldable and rollable screens, the smart home, the digital health and so on.

The rollable screen by LG

It was absolutely one of the most waited new of this CES 2021. But it only did a short, small, debut in a video presented by LG. This was, anyway, enough to catch the attention of the whole event.

We are talking about the rollable screen of LG. There was talk of it, in reality, for a while already, but finally we saw it working.

LG Rollable
LG Rollable

LG tries one more time to find an alternative and functional solution to the news (and still less functional) foldable screens. It already did it with the rotating screen. This time it tries to do it with the rollable screen, which is worthy of a sci-fi movie.

For the moment it’s still all covered by mystery, even though on the video we finally see it working. It was known as Project B, the screen might, at the end, take the name of LG Rollable. The screen, with a initial size of 6,8 inches, will unroll itself up to the size of a tablet of 7,4 inches.

In reality LG isn’t new in the field of the rollable screens. On the marketplace, infact, it already launched Tv Oled R, a television with rollable screen. We hope, by the way, that the smartphone will be more affordable, because the price of the television is more than 70 thousand euros.

Let’s talk again of smartphone to the CES

The CES isn’t an expo for smartphones, but every year many present the new technology of the mobile field right during the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.

This year besides the rollable screen, on which isn’t working only LG, but even Oppo, Samsung and TLC, one of the main topic of the event was the 5G.

Many, infact, chosen the stage of the CES to present the new models that support the 5G. Like Alcatel that, besides to the models Alcatel 3L and 1S, presented a model thought specifically for children and elderly, the Alcatel 1T 7 WIFI.

Again screens to the CES

Now our daily life revolves around the screens, from the smaller ones of the smartphones, passing from tablets and computers, to the bigger ones of the televisions, until the big screens of the main city squares.

Should be this one the reason why the pride of every CES is always a screen. And after the LG Rollable we talk about another incredible screen that conquered the stage of the event: the Scroll tv by TLC.

Neo QLed
Neo QLed by Samsung

It’s even in this case a flexible screen that unroll itself, but in this case the big innovation is the fact that it’s created through the ink-jet printing, which will reduce production costs.

TLC isn’t the only one that it’s trying to reach a larger audience. To bring the technology of the Oled screen inside all the houses, Lg, instead, is creating ever smaller screens, which are so cheaper.

Another incredible new arrives from Samsung, that presented to the CES a new technology: the Neo QLed, a screen that uses the Quantum mini led, as light source.

Smart Home and household appliances

Our home is ever smarter and our daily life is ever easier and more technological. Many interesting things in this field have been presented to the CES of this year. Like the remote control supplied with solar energy, to fight the consumption of the batteries.

La vasca da bagno che si comanda con l'intelligenza artificiale
The bathtube that we can manage with the artificial intelligence

A lot of attention, instead, it was catched by the bathtube that can be managed with the artificial intelligence of Alexa or Google Assistant. The bathtube will be available from july of 2021 for a price of 9000 euros. It won’t be science-fiction, but reality. We will be finally able to say: “Hey Alexa fill up the bathtube”, while we are still finishing to work, and then find out our warm bath ready.

Samsung, instead, presented JetBot 90 AI+, that promises to be the smarter hoover robot ever. The robot will recognise the fragile objects and the dangerous ones, it will be able to recognise the “living” things, like the pets, and walk away from them. Therefore it will be able to move down to pass under the furnitures. And it will be to understand by itself when a room will be perfectly clean and, autonomously, it will come back on its clean station. And, about it, in its clean station, like the name itself says, besides to get charged it will clean itself.

There were then, new smart fridges, drones, computers, augmented reality, smart ring for the sport, and so on to the CES 2021, that even though it was only in the digital version, it surprised us all, like every year.

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