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Lego NES: only for real nostalgic

Are you fans of Lego, so this article is for you. This article is for you if you are passionated of Nintendo too. Why? Because it’s been released Lego NES.

What is Lego NES?

Lego NES is a new set of the famous Lego bricks that will allow all the passionated of the historical console Nintendo to fully rebuild it and even to use it.

lego nes
Here you have the Lego NES completed.

You can build everything: the console, the gamepad with the directional buttons and the two iconic red buttons A and B, the cartridge and the cathode ray tube tv with grips for volume and channels. On the screen of the old school tv the historical game of SUPER MARIO, in one of the most famous scene of the plumber with the red hat that jumps inside a pipe.

A jump into the past

Seeing completely built this Lego NES is like being in front of a real masterpiece as well as the statues in the Wax Museum in London where there are many of the most famous people of the world.

The television measures 22,6 cm per 23,9 cm and it has a real rétro style. The finishes are wood colour and the details remember the televisions of the ’80s and first ’90s.

The console has a size of 20,8 cm per 7,5 cm, while the gamepad is 12,6 cm per 5,1 cm and it allows to move Super Mario on the TV. It won’t be as playing in the original mode, but it is anyway a way to have fun as before and to build the console with which play by your own.

lego nes statue super mario
And here you have the statue of Super Mario which activates the sound effects of the Lego NES.

But there is something more. With the complete set you can even buy the Super Mario figure of the LEGO package. It will be useful to produce the sounds of the TV of the Lego NES when you will use the gamepad to move the small mustached man.

How is the set Lego NES composed?

The set has its id code, which is 71374, and it is composed by 2464 pezzi. Like we said, unlike the classic stes of Lego bricks, Nes doesn’t have only a design function: it is possible to play with it by moving the grip of the controller that allow to move the figures on the television.

This set is maybe one of the most complete ever made by LEGO and it was born in the 2020 for the anniversary of Super Mario, that this year celebrates 35 years.

It’s easy to build, maybe not fast, but surely funny, especially for who is already practical and passionated of the LEGO bricks.

From its official release, the last July, it received great reviews, as much as that LEGO is planning a new line complete to enlarge the games to use with this set.

How to build it

Like we said, under the technical point of view it is a brick model made by two pieces. They aren’t hard to build, but they are anyway intrigues and interesting, so you will need a bit of free time. 

The instruction books are two and maybe this is the thing that makes the model impressive. Even if we can start to build it from everywhere, it’s better to start from the console to have a better overview.

Some of the bricks don’t follow the conventional rules of LEGO building, but they were born as real connections between small sections. So, for who loves the buildings with the most famous bricks in the world Lego NES is a great new challenge.

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