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MagicBook 14, the new laptop by Honor

The new MagicBook 14 of the Honor

Is there a magic laptop? According to Honor yes, and it is MagicBook 14 a laptop that tryes to take its place in the medium range of the marketplace thanks to many interesting details and high quality materials.

It was already famous in the smartphone’s field, now Honor tryes to find its place even in the portable PCs one. It does it by creating a medium range product (at least in the price, that infact costs about 599 euros), but with interesting potentialities.

Even if it didn’t focus on a top of the line product, Honor paid attention to all the details: the materials, the design and even the performances. For some things it is comparable with the last Huawei MateBook D, which was released in the 2020 too.

MagicBook 14

Let’s start from the external aspect, the design of this new laptop is surely very interesting. The case is in metal, which is always an advantage because it makes it much stronger, it is available in two colours: Space Gray and Mystic Silver with an elegant blue edge that matches the colour of the written Honor.

The screen is bigger compared with other likely notebook, this because there isn’t the camera on the screen edge, that substantially reduce it by arriving to 4,8 mm. The display is a LCD of 1923×1080 pixel satin, by avoiding all the reflex problems. Even though it isn’t vert shining under the natural light, it is equipped with the function of reduction of the brigthness to protect the sight during the evening. Last note to underline is the opening at 180 degrees of the screen.

MagicBook 14
The blue edge of the MagicBook 14 is elegant and it gives a special touch to the case

But maybe you are still thinking to the lack of the camera, don’t worry, in the MagicBook 14, the camera there is and it is hidden in the keyboard, with a pop-up mechanism. A step forward not only for the comfort, but even for the privacy, the webcam so can be activated only if we need it. Honor isn’t new in the pop-up cameras, they already used infact in the Smartphone 9X.

About the keyboard it is a full size, backlit to work even with lack of light, just outside the keyboard we find instead the fingerprints reader for a safe access, quick and practical to the pc.

Other technical characteristics

Let’s talk now about the heart of this new MagicBook 14. Inside it we find an AMD Ryzen 5 3500U, with 8 GB of RAM DDR4 Dual Channel. The graphic card is a Radeon Vega 8 which allows to have fluid and competitive performances.

About the hard disk it has 256 GB and it is a SSD PCIe NVMe of the Samsung. This kind of memory is very fast and it passes five times the normal speed of a normal unit SSD SATA standard.

The battery instead is of 56Wh that, according to Honor, easily arrives to 10 hours of usage. The charger is an USB of kind C of 65 W and it allows to richarge half of the battery in about half hour, for the full charge instead it will need one hour and half.

magicbook 14
The camera is hidden in the keyboard between the buttons F6 and F7 and it pop ups if we need it

The connections doors are 4: USB kind C (for the charge), USB  3.0 and 2.0, a door HDMI, then there is even the jack for the pods.

Under it we find a powerful fan that increase of the 38% the cooling and the speakers gives a great sound for the view of movies and videos.

A laptop that answer so to many needs, studied for a large audience even thanks to the price. If you don’t need a computer which specific performances about the graphic card (if you aren’t gamers or video makers) the MagicBook 14 is a great product for all the needs.

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