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The return of the missed webcam

The webcam come back

After days of isolation and many videocalls with improvised tools it’s necessary a webcam worthy of the name. Infact using always the mobile phone can be tiring, there is few space for the viewing, especially if you do video calls with many relativies and friends. It’s even worst if the video camera is to work, the image is grainy, poor lighting. We need so to pass to a PC and not all have a videocamera because until know, let’s be honest, who did really need it?

The webcam the new must have

A memory of the past, the webcam ruled on the desks of who didn’t miss any technological new. It was useful to realize primitive video youtube and the occasional video calls which always glitched.

Then it was inserted by default in the notebooks and right after on the smartphones. Afterward they arrived even on the tablets by leaving so the webcam in a corner to gather dust. They were destined to the oblivion, they basically disappeared at the dawn of the 2000’s, they are a remote memory.

But then the pandemic arrives and we can’t leave the house, the pandemic arrives and the smartphone isn’t enough anymore and here you have coming back in our minds the webcam.

So in the United States it went sold out almost in every store, with sharpers that sell it at exorbitant prices, by arriving even to the triple of the original price.

Webcam at 720p of resolution, Full HD by Openuye

Even in Italy it isn’t better, on the websites of the most rated producers there isn’t any model any more.

The sales increased more than the 179%, because if it’s true that the production never completely stopped, it slowed down a lot in the last years.

But surely they aren’t the same videocameras of thirty years ago (the first webcam infact dates back to the 1991). Now they have performances in Full Hd, autofocus for an always great surrender for the shot and the autonomous balance of the white.

Right for this reason it’s back, because the camera of the selfie on the smartphones, currently, doesn’t arrive to this much and, especially for the professionals, it isn’t enough. For who wants a better image and a more professional shot, we need the webcam.

Sure in Italy we didn’t arrive to the sold out, anyway to find professional and performing models, maybe by buying them straight from the producer, is almost impossible. It is for this reason that the Logitech which gives the all sold out for many models, but even for Microsoft: its LifeCam Studio and LifeCam HD-3000 aren’t available anymore.

Even the models Kiyo by Razer and the Logitech C270 e C920S are hard to find, on Amazon it’s still available some less fine models but only on third sellers.

Cheapest models

But if you aren’t professional and for you an unpretentious videocamera is enough, maybe even cheap, here you have some suggest for you. These videocameras will be perfect to talk with your parents closed in another city, or with the friends for a virtual aperitivo.

The Docooler is a cheap webcam perfect for the informal videocalls

For less than 30 euros you can try the Openuye Webcam. It’s a Full HD at 720p, the focus is manual but it’s foldable and revolving to put it wherever we need, furthermore the micrphone is integrated.

For about 15 euros, with free delivery, there is the webcam Docooler with definition at 480p. It’s revolving with the microphone included which is able to feel a clear sound up to ten meters.

The model of the Trust SpotLight Pro instead costs about 23 euros and it has a resolution of 1,3 megapixel. It’s equipped with six integrated LED to make you appear at your best even if the room isn’t correctly lightened.

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