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Digital documents, will they be our next future?

digital documents

Qualcomm presents a new future for the identity cards. Infact, driving license, identity card and passport might be digital. It’s forbidden so to be unprepared or with the mobile phone out of charge: the digital documents were announced by Qualcomm during the Snapdragon Tech Summit, which took place in Maui in the Hawaii island.

It’s a goodbye to the wallet, considering that already the credit card was replaced with an app on the smartphone. The company of San Diego (in California) together with the one of Cupertino claim that the new service will be available already since the release of Android R.

The new operating system, which probably will be juct called Android 11, by Google, will be announced the next may. This will happen during the annual event I/O, but it will be really available on the smartphones in the autumn of the 2020.

digital documents
The credit cards already passed on the smartphones

A big new between the characteristics of the new chip mobile Snapdragon 865, created by Qualcomm for the Android mobile phones (which is actually for almost all the phones on the marketplace unless for Apple and Huawei). But this option at the beginning will be reserved only to the top of the line phones, which use the new platform created by Qualcomm.

This new reality is mainly based on the next arrival of the 5G. The brasilian manager president of Qualcomm explains that the forecasts are at least about 2 millions of subscriptions to the tariff plans dedicated to the 5G until the year 2025. The new smartphones will be though able to connect even to the 4G and the two technologies will live together at least at the beginning.

Identity Credential the service for the digital documents

In order to use the new service of Identity Credential (that’s the name of the possibility to digitalize our own documents), the smartphones’ producers that use the chip Qualcomm will have to activate it, because the operativity is not automatic.

Sure it’s a great attractive for the users, if we are talking about buying a mobile phone, it’s better a further option than one less option. It’s probable so that many producers will choose this new service.

But there is a stumbling block to pass. And it is the choice of the single country if starting or not the possibility to digitalize the identity documents like driving license, identity card or passport.

digital documents
From the paper to the plastic card, will soon our documents pass to the digital? 

Google and Qualcomm ensure that they developed a safety systema (both hardware and software) able to be unassailable from the outside. They are sure so to protect the sensitive datas of our documents.

According to Jesse Seed, senior director of Qualcomm and responsible for the safety, the decision is up to the single law makers. And, if in America they are already moving about it, in Europa the process might be much slower and tortuos. Seed though is positive and claims that soon the identity documents will closely linked to the biometric datas (like fingerprints and face recognition) recorded on the mobile phone.

But if the phone is out of charge, might really go around with a reserve power bank always inside our pocket? It’s not sure, infact it might be installed a backup battery which will allow to show our own digital documents in case we need even in case we have the battery down.

According to Qualcomm infact the 2020 will be the year that will give life to the Super-smartphone, in which the artificial intelligence the calculation power will rule it. For this new smartphones we talk about sensors of 200 MP, video in 8K, simultaneous translations of calls. But even the unlock of the phone with two fingerprints simultaneously to increase the safety of the datas. Always according to Qualcomm we will pass from the generation mobile firts to the generation mobile only.

digital documents
The new digital documents

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