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The e-Sims arrive in Italy


Even in Italy are arriving the eSim. The embedded sim about which one talked a lot but that curbed for a long time the italian telephone operators to release them. Now many announced their release, are the main italian telephone operators: Tim, Vodafone, Wind. This change of mind was surely affected by the fact that the new Motorola Razr will only work with the e-sims.

But what are the e-sims? Why were the operators reluctant to release them? And especially how do they work?

What are the e-sims?

Really soon in the main italian telephone shops will be possible to buy the e-sims. But what are them? The seller will give us a small plastic card at the moment of the purchase like always, but there won’t be any small or very tiny sim to peel off and  to put inside the phone.

Evolution of the Sim
Evolution of the Sim

The card that we will obtain, instead, will be much more similar to a voucher, which will contain a QR code that will allow us to activate our new sim card. Always on the card there will be the informations to which we are already use to with the normal sims. They are the reason because we don’t have to lost the plastic card, not even after peeled off the sim and put it inside our smartphone or after, in this case, scanned the QR code. They are the serial code ICCID, the code NMU and the codes PIN and PUK.

Basically our sim won’t physically exist. But there is nothing to be surprise, because it is exactly the direction that is taking the whole technological universe.

It is an optimization of the spaces. The new smartphones need all the available space for the battery, the screen and the sensors. And so everything is unnecessary will be eliminated. For example, are already disappearing the jack for the pods.

The next victim will be so the sim and we must be ready for when there won’t be a compartment to put our small card anymore.

How will the e-sims work?

We already talked about the plastic card that we will receive with the QR Code printed. It will be so enough to scan it to digitally save our new number on the logic board of our smartphone.

The new sim won’t physically exist

Many are preparing all to it by giving detailed guides, even if the working might be really easy. For example, Apple gives specific support pages, because already from the iPhone Xs there is this function.

The situation in Italy

The e-Sims are in the marketplace for a while already in many parts of the world, but in Italy one thinks to let them available not before the end of the year. The first one to offer the service will be the Tim, due that in the web there are already some leaks about it. Even if there aren’t official declarations it seems that the tim will give the new virtual sim at the same price of the physical ones, which is 10€.

The same goes for Wind, which promises to release them for the end of the year. In this case there is already an official dedicated promotion. It is the All Digital 50 Limited Edition, that gives, besides the e-sim, 50 giga and unlimited minutes, for the price of 4.99€. Like the name says it is a Limited Edition, dedicated only to some customers Wind, which will receive the new e-sim with a new number, they don’t include, infact, the portability.

The situation in Italy
The e-Sims arrive in Italy

We will have to wait a little bit more, instead, for the e-Sims Vodafone, that anyway already offers the service in other european countries. Even though there isn’t any certain new by the operator, Vodafone already offers the service in Spain, Germany and Austria, but that’s not all. Vodafone did an agreement with Apple about the Apple Watches. It is possible, infact, to make our own number virtual and to make it available on the smart watch to do calls and to send messages, without the need to bring with us even the smartphone. It won’t be, so, a problem for this last operator to adpat the new digital sims.

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